Best Tips For A Cozy Bedroom


Best Tips For A Cozy Bedroom

Are you ready for a little relaxation? If you’re welcomed home to your modern apartment by a cluttered, hectic bedroom, it’s going to be challenging to wind down from a busy day and enjoy the free time you have. A clean, warm, welcoming bedroom is critical to getting rest and decreasing anxiety. So how can you turn your stress-inducing abode into a Zen-like place of rest? Let’s find out!

Shine The Light

When it comes to cozy lighting, there are a few options that can help. First, avoid ultra-bright, harsh, or heat-creating lighting systems. Opt for low, warm light, especially when you’re winding down for bed. You can add a bit of style to your apartment with pendant lights or globes.

Think About Color

Color is one of the greatest influencers of mood. Too dark or too bright can create extremes in the atmosphere, so try for a more relaxing color. Navy or other neutral colors that can be contrasted with strong accent colors are best. The pops of accent color give off a friendly, welcoming vibe.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Nothing gives a room depth and character more effectively than layered textures. Linen sheets topped by an abundance of different color or style pillows can create a luxurious look—especially when you tie everything together with a warm, fuzzy blanket across the end of the bed. Keep the colors light and clean to create a soothing atmosphere for each time you start or end your day.

Ditch the Electronics

Has screen-time got you up until all hours of the night? The habit is hard to break, and you’ll usually need to intervene by putting gadgets out of sight and out of mind until the morning. Close up laptops and keep phones out of reach. Never place a TV in your bedroom—they’re a clunky distraction that you’re better off remaining in the living room. You’ll get much better rest in your apartment home without the glare of a cellphone tugging at your subconscious.

Decorate With Your Heart in Mind

There are a few faux pas (maybe keep those Disney posters in your closet for now), but you should adorn your walls with décor that warms your heart. If you’re an art buff, a gallery wall of your favorite artists can make you feel at home and bring out your creativity. Inspirational quotes and pictures of loved ones can remind you why you work so hard during the day and rest so well at night.

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