Best Tips For Decorating A Studio Apartment


Studio Apartment

Imagine trying to fit a kitchen, living room, and bedroom all into one space. Now that you’ve pictured it welcome to the life of living in a studio apartment. For some, it may seem like space where you forgot to leave room to breathe. For others, it feels cozy and a beautiful place to call home. Regardless of which side you’re currently on, we’ve put together 7 of the best tips for decorating your studio apartment.

Declutter And Avoid Overcrowding

Decluttering makes sense, right? If you’re moving into a small space, you have to get rid of all of the little things you don’t need or use regularly. But an overlooked aspect of decluttering in a studio apartment is overcrowding. When there is less space, we tend to find space to store things instead of opting to get rid of them. This can create a shelf or table with way more stuff than it should ever have. A quick trick is to store things and decorate things with similar items. For example, have a shelf with all of your red knick-knacks as the decor together or store all of your sentimental pieces in a secure place together.

Use Neutral Wall Colors

We often want to add a touch of our personality into our new space as soon as we get there. In a studio apartment, however, the walls are not the best place to do so. Neutral colors on the walls tend to make space expand outwards, whereas, bright colors draw our eyes direct to it.

Utilize Dual Purpose Space Dividers

This may seem obvious, but dividing your studio into separate areas can give you a better sense of space. But with limited space, you have to think outside the box with your dividers. Use bookshelves that have storage bins in them. You can separate your bedroom from the living room by using shelving around your bed, and you added storage and decor space by using shelves.

Try A Daybed

If there isn’t enough room for dividers, try a daybed. If you don’t plan on having a lot of people over, or don’t mind, having a bed that can also function as a couch is one of the easiest ways to make your studio apartment feel huge.

Downsized Furniture

Opting for a loveseat instead of a full-sized couch is a great way to save space without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, using tables with leafs to keep furniture small when not in use is ideal when decorating your modern apartment or townhome.

Decorate With Mirrors

Naturally, mirrors add more dimension to any space. When done correctly, you can use lovely mirrors not only to expand your space visually but as beautiful decorative pieces. Just don’t go too overboard. You don’t want to trap yourself inside a mirror maze in your apartment.

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of the space you have. You may have to think outside the box now and then to get things to fit without taking up too much space, but that is a small sacrifice to have your very own place to call home.

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