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Bathroom Flooring

Don’t limit yourself to traditional vinyl & ceramic tile, while wood, concrete, and even glass look beautiful underfoot. With a few additional & simple protective measures, it can step up your bathroom game. Wood surfaces will keep your bathrooms comfortable and warm.

You may think of wood as your last option while designing your bathroom, as wood and wet floors don’t go well. But if you choose your wood carefully, it can bring an elegant look to your bathroom. Moreover, it will be a worthwhile investment, and the right wood will create a seamless, safe, and long-lasting backdrop.

It’ll give you an interior look and feel aligned with contemporary sustainability standards and an outstandingly up-to-date look and feel. If you’re still giddy about it, think about boats; they were weather-safe and rot-resistant for thousands of years. Also, seaworthy vessels like ships, smaller boats meant for traversing rivers and lakes, like canoes, kayaks, and pontoons, all are wooden.

While Teak is great for making boats, softwoods like cedar, pine, and Douglas fir are wonderful options for a bathroom. Here are some examples of how you can proceed when planning your modern bathroom remodel. In addition, this article will explore all of the ways to augment wood flooring for the bathroom, from shower tiles to flooring.

Is Wood Flooring For The Bathroom A Good Idea?

Bathroom Woof Flooring

Other than being clean and functional, a bathroom should also provide a sense of comfort and indulgence. The right atmosphere is important for relaxation, and wooden bathrooms are becoming popular to achieve a spa-inspired feel. The sense of welcoming luxury you can achieve with wood flooring for bathroom is undeniable. It looks fantastic in any space while carrying a sense of human tradition and a connection with nature.

Despite the common misconception that wood flooring is unsuitable in rooms where water will frequently be present, many people have successfully installed wood flooring in bathrooms.

Go For Engineered Wood Flooring For The Bathroom

Engineered Wood Bathroom Floor

If you’re going for wood flooring for the bathroom, don’t go with solid wood, as it will soon distort due to the high humidity levels. Instead, the only sensible option is engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is specifically designed to be extremely stable and tolerant to environmental changes and high humidity.

Factories manufacture high-quality engineered floorboards using state-of-the-art methods, which makes them useful in a wide variety of situations. Thus you can install them above underfloor heating systems and in bathrooms. Furthermore, there are generally two types of finish available on your wood flooring for the bathroom: hard wax oils and lacquers.

Advantages Of Engineered Wood Flooring For Bathroom

Some more advantages of Engineered wood flooring.

  1. The Look

It will provide you abundant warmth in cold weather and add striking character to your bathrooms. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of finishes to create your desired aesthetic look. No matter what kind of engineered wood flooring you choose, it will be beautiful.

  1. The Feel

Wood is naturally warmer underfoot than other flooring materials and thus perfect for bathrooms. In addition, the tactile nature of timber sets it a class apart; hardwood floorboards, especially textured planks, are so comfortable.

  1. Longevity

Hardwood flooring is a naturally very durable material. Moreover, as you’re most likely to walk barefoot, surface scratches and scuffs are especially unlikely on bathroom floors.

From Modern To Historic Look

Woods adds great flavor to modern bathrooms, while in historic homes, try a softwood floor like pinewood/ laminate planks. In the bathroom, extending your hallway into this space for a coordinated and streamlined look. Make sure you line your bathroom with 15-pound tar paper, however, under the flooring.

Although the wood itself will not warp or crack, any drips through the planks may affect your underflooring, especially if it is made of older materials. So precaution and care will be great here to prevent any damage. For a contemporary interior design for your bathroom, line your shower or wet room with teak tiles.

Cedar Cladding In Bathrooms

Cedar Cladding Bathroom

Use cedar planks to create a cedar siding or a vaulted ceiling to look at wooded habitats. A cedar interior can do an amazing job of making your bathroom look & feel like a sauna. In addition, water-resistant drywalls are often placed under wood siding, but they aren’t always necessary if you use high-quality softwood.

So it’s better to check the manufacturers’ recommendations for more information if you’re looking to try it out. Cedar holds moisture well and gives a retro look to it, making it a great choice for a modern home.

Wood Bathroom Accents

Wood Bathroom Accents

Finally, you can add wood accents in your bathroom to make it pop. Most people these days prefer mixing and matching different woods, from furniture to towel racks. It gives the interior a more modern and eclectic look. Lastly, don’t be afraid to bring in recycled wood furniture instead of standard cabinets & counters for a more up-to-date look.

Try To Keep These In Mind

Grey Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Avoid these issues if possible.

  • Ventilation – It’s best to keep a window open while running a hot bath or shower to get maximum ventilation in the bathroom. This will ensure that the air’s moisture dissipates quickly because the humidity levels in a steamy bathroom can cause issues.
  • Don’t Leave Puddles – The presence of water in the bathroom shouldn’t snatch away its aesthetic. Engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice; still, you need to be vigilant about the amount of water. So try not to keep your wood flooring wet always.

Wood is just not gorgeous or calming, but it’s very sustainable compared to other bathroom products. It has the lowest impact on air & water quality of all building materials, & it creates a wonderful feeling of comfort.

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