Bike Locks: An Ultimate Guide 2021


Bike Locks

Getting your bicycle stolen is a terrible experience that leaves you powerless, upset, and out of money. We at Pedalsure are dedicated to averting these eventualities – particularly the latter if you have a policy – which is why bike locks are essential.

Bike theft has been steadily increasing. We’ve also lately witnessed an alarming number of essential workers’ bikes taken, indicating that these thieves have no shame when it comes to bike theft. With numbers like this, you just cannot afford not to lock your bicycle.

But with Locksmith Plus Seattle Washington, Your bikes and property will be indeed secured.

How To Select The Best Lock For Your Bike

The first step in protecting your bike is to select the appropriate lock. Depending on your requirements, there are numerous viable choices available.

If you live in a city and want to keep your bicycle secure, a cable lock should be used as a wheel lock or additional security, not as your primary lock. They’re simply too easy to snip, and even a cheap bicycle may be an appealing alternative to thieves if the barrier to stealing it is so low.

 By far, the most popular lock choice for city riders are U-locks. The image of a small U-lock in the back pocket or belt loop has come to be associated with bike messengers and fixie culture. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and easy to travel.

The form and inflexibility of a U-lock, on the other hand, limit what you can lock to, which is why many riders use cables or chains. ABUS provides various maximum security U-lock sizes, from tiny and compact to those that hold both your tire and frame.

An ultra-thick, heavy chain with a robust locking mechanism is a fantastic, if time-consuming, alternative. Of course, it gives you the appearance of being paranoid, but if you don’t mind the added weight, it is highly flexible and effective.

Aside from the traditional U-lock, chain, and cable categories, there are a few more sorts of locks to consider. For example, ABUS pioneered folding locks, which a few other companies have subsequently replicated, and they combine the security of a U-lock with the flexibility of a chain. They’re also lightweight and portable, which has rapidly made them a favourite among both urban and recreational riders.

How To Secure Your Bicycle Properly

When locking up, make sure your lock runs through the triangle in your frame rather than around your seat post, where the lock can easily slide off it. It may make you chuckle, but it does happen. If you go around any city and look at the bike racks, you’ll see an astonishing amount of front wheels that are safely fastened on, but the rest of the bike is nowhere to be found. Every time, through the frame!

Here are the tips on how to lock up your bike correctly:

Tip 1: Pick A Crowded Location

Choose a place where there are a lot of people strolling by. Even better if the location is well-protected by CCTV. Thieves are frightened by other individuals and surveillance cameras. They’d much rather be concealed when they’re “working.”

Tip 2: Pick An Immovable Item Where To Lock Your Bike

A bike is only as safe as the item to which it is chained. As a result, make sure you select a stable, immovable object that isn’t easily broken.

Make sure the thieves can’t pull the bike over whatever you’ve secured it to. Or that the thing is difficult to unscrew or disassemble. Trees, aluminium or wooden poles, signposts, scaffolding, and chain-link fences should all be avoided.

If you’re using metal railings, attempt to wrap the lock around as many as you can. However, the ideal immovable object would be an adequately built bike rack permanently installed in the ground.

Tip 3: Don’t Offer Crooks Any Leads

Consider securing your bike a couple of blocks away if you’re heading to the movies, the gym, or somewhere else where you’ll be gone from your bike for an extended period.

Why? If a burglar sees you secure your bike and then go inside one of these establishments, they’ll know they have plenty of time to work on your bike!

To Sum It Up

Purchasing the finest bike lock is simply the beginning. You must also know how to properly lock your bike. Furthermore, you must secure your bike correctly everywhere: on the street, at home, at work, and at college.

But make sure you secure it properly, including securing the frame and wheels, keeping the lock off the ground, and filling as much space as possible inside a U-lock.

If feasible, lock your bike at home or at work using the same tactics you do on the street. Never leave your bike unlocked, no matter how safe your house or workplace appears to be.

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