Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

On September 12, 2013 by Vishal Bhanushali

Birthday is one of the most special occasions in an individual’s life. Making a special day even more special for your loved ones has always been your top priority but are you running out of fresh ideas? Or probably you want to do something different this year as this year is very special? Whatever might be the reason, below listed ideas for birthday party decorations will definitely help you to make this birthday the best ever.

Picture Perfect

Birthday Decorative Tips

Want to let your loved one know how much you cherish their presence in your life? If you do, take everyone for a stroll down the memory lane with the photos of your loved one in form of balloons, party hats or even cupcakes. Include pictures from different years. Add a classy touch by making the pictures black and white.

Number Themed Party

Birthday Number Theme Decoration

Number themes are great for grown up parties. Use the number to customize everything from candles on the cake to the menu or cocktails.


Birthday Streamers

Nothing screams birthday party like streamers. These very basic party decorations can be used with simple twists to achieve distinct looks. You can stripe a doorway with different colors of streamers. Use tape to stick the fringed curtain to the wall. You can also proudly announce the birthday to your neighbors by using streamers on your porch and gate.

Edible Snack Table

Birthday Table Decoration

Use your imagination to convert your snack and refreshment table to a piece of art. Just cover your table with crepe paper and paint your story on the same. Use food to make a beautiful artistic collage. Pizzas can be used to make wheels and cupcakes can be used to add color to the already colorful table.

Birthday Invites

Birthday Invitations

Puff Balls Birthday DecorationInvitation card for birthday parties if customized as per the party theme adds a personal touch to the event. Especially if you are planning a birthday party for your kids the invitation cards should be according to the theme of the party.

Party Themes

Kid’s birthday can be made special by using a theme for the party. Some themes work best for both boys and girls such as garden party. Howe ever some special themes like cupcake bake Shoppe birthday party or cherry picnic parties for girls and pirate theme parties for boys are great.

Angry Birds Birthday Decoration Theme

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