Black Diamond Rings For The Unconventional Bride


Black Diamond Rings

Even in today’s day and age, a beautiful and elegant princess cut set in platinum or white gold is the standard for diamond engagement rings. And, of course, the most popular diamonds are the clear ones, without any visible imperfections.

While there’s nothing wrong with this image, it’s also so mainstream that you don’t need to look too hard to find five women wearing similar rings on their fingers.

So what options are there for the unconventional brides to be, who still want to wear a diamond?

Luckily, the world of diamonds is so rich and varied that everyone can find something to represent their uniqueness. In this case, the best option that will showcase your unconventional and refreshing preferences is a black diamond.

And no, it’s not a stone made using forbidden magical techniques, nor does it contain the soul of a dark witch. Black diamonds are genuine diamonds that feature a unique and mysterious opaque shade. Moreover, even though they are mesmerizing, they are not as popular as clear, red, or pink diamonds, which means the chances that you’ll see another one in your vicinity are rather slim.

What Are Black Diamonds?

In short, a natural black diamond is nothing else but a regular diamond with graphite inclusions (why the gem is colored in a dark hue). Other than that, they don’t differ from regular diamonds and feature the same characteristics of durity and clarity.

Now, there are naturally occurring black diamonds and enhanced diamonds (artificially altered), but if you want to surprise your future partner with a gorgeous ring, you should go for the natural ones. Luckily, it’s rather easy to differentiate between them since you can only get a GIA certificate for genuine black diamonds.

Moreover, you should always buy your diamonds from reliable dealers. to find a beautiful collection of black diamond rings made with genuine stones and carefully mounted in a wide range of settings. Of course, each acquisition is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and other standard documentation.

Does A Black Diamond Work On An Engagement Ring?

Even unconventional brides can sometimes worry if it’s truly a good decision to switch the traditional engagement ring with a black diamond one. But don’t worry, if Carrie Bradshaw wore one with pride in Sex and the City, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing one now – several decades later.

Also, it seems this unique stone is favored among beautiful and eccentric celebrities. For instance, Angelina Jolie gifted Brad Pitt (during their good times) a pair of black diamond cufflinks in the shape of a serpent with emerald eyes. In addition, Gwyneth Paltrow wore a black diamond bracelet at one of her Emmy Awards apparitions. Overall, the black diamond is still a novelty even in the world of celebrities, which is why it’s more eye-catching and impressive.

As an engagement ring or even mounted on a wedding band, the black diamond can be the indicator of a mischievous personality who always enjoys the pleasures of life and likes to be authentic. Of course, it also works for someone with a more mysterious personality who likes to shy away from the craziness of crowds and feels at peace when surrounded by nature and books.

Wrap Up

A black diamond is definitely a stone worth showing as much as possible so that you won’t keep it in your jewelry box for too long. Whether as a ring or any other jewelry item, this piece won’t ever lose its charm and will forever stay fresh in your mind carrying beautiful and joyous memories.

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