Bohemian Style As A Décor Idea For Creative Home Owners

On May 29, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

If you have always stood out as an extraordinarily creative person and you enjoy being surrounded with gorgeous original and inspired stuff, there is no doubt that the rich bohemian spirit is just what you need. So, in case you dream about the interior as a vivid hideout enriched with a dose of hippie energy, laid-back vibe, and unconventional elements -embrace fabulous bohemian style decor and feel the atmosphere of the free spirit, gypsy authenticity, and artistic chic. To do so, adopt the following bohemian features.

Furniture That Reflects The Pastimes


Bohemian inspired furniture is greatly recognizable for its old-fangled sophistication, but in the way, it highlights easy-going sense and invites you to roll and enjoy. Fulfill your rooms with ottomans, cabinets and rocking chairs that carry the gentle worn out appearance, something between vintage and Victorian scenery, but more colorful and artsy. Choose anything from light wooden pieces, Indian mahogany elements to glamorous wicker armchairs and tables, all empowered with carvings, curved edges and scratched surfaces.

Floors Rich In Rugs


Minimalism is not what you need here, but real bohemian warmth and diversity. So, give your floors old gypsy character by covering them in a bunch of differently patterned carpets and rugs. Feel free to place oriental motifs next to Chinese themes or combine both of them with linear patterns and plain models to reach unusual creative cohesion. Switch to “the more the better” rule and use it to the fullest when decorating your floors by implementing various colors, shapes, and schemes. Collect as more interestingly patterned pieces as you can, but do not bother to visit the shops, you can research and buy rugs online.

Dreamy Canopy Beds And Sofas


There is nothing that can translate your living space into the Bohemian kingdom, like wonderful canopies added above your large bed or even a living room sofa. Combine silky canopies in bold oriental patterns with a vividly covered king size bed or match translucent lace canopy with a bright wooden bed to create a serene and comfy atmosphere. Attach lightweight neutral fabric under a creatively decorated mattress, and you will get an impressive Bohemian sleeping nook. Give your living room extra relaxing spirit and add bold drapery canopy above one colored couch or sofa.

Abundance Of Cushions And Bold Linens

Bohemian Cushions

Create the explosion of colors, patterns, and materials by entering heaps of fluffy pillows and floor cushions, in red, orange, green and yellow patterns, and include a mixture of Indian, floral, linear and nature motifs. Follow bold multi-colored themes when choosing bed coverings and handmade blankets where you can opt for self-knitted, flax and even furry pieces.

Opulent Wall Decor, Lanterns And Space Ornaments

Bohemian Wall Decor

To bring your interior closer to Bohemian authenticity, inbreathe a bit of avant-garde into your walls by painting them into electric blue, pumpkin orange or red and use floral and vividly patterned wallpapers. Create dramatic wall appearance by hanging plenty of ornamented mirrors, multipart paintings, woven tapestry and decoupage wall finery. Feel free to attach massive chandeliers and colorful balloon lanterns, or select few authentic vintage table lamps with ornamented edges. Express diversity by placing a few unusual sculptures, hanging flowerpots, antique boxes and vases, in fact, anything that matches your personal attitude.

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  • I love your creativity. Do you also paint on wood chairs. I am interested in trying my hand at it.

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