Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 3 Replacement Window Tips


Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can have a significant positive impact on your house value. Whether you are looking to rent out, prepare to sell, or want to enjoy the pride of ownership of having a lovely home on the block, your front entry and yard presentation are essential.

While installing clean, low-maintenance landscaping, giving your house a fresh coat of paint and cleaning up clutter and junk all have a major effect on curb appeal, there is no greater investment than to install replacement windows.

Replacement windows give the long-term benefits of updating your look, stopping drafts, allowing in more light, and making your home more energy-efficient. Best of all, they look good. Replacing an older, dated window with a modern vinyl or aluminum replacement window can give a huge boost to your home’s curb appeal. Here are three tips to keep in mind when considering window replacements:

  1. Enlarge your front windows – Because older windows were less energy-efficient, often, builders installed windows smaller than desired. This is sometimes why older homes are associated with dark, gloomy rooms. Especially for your living room window, consider enlarging the window space. This is easier done on the vertical axis without having to cut through load-bearing studs. While all of your other windows may stay the same size, enlarging the living room window and all sun direction facing windows will let more light into your home. And.
  2. Pick replacement windows with thick frames – Thicker frames, using slim window faces, have more insulation and reduce energy transfer. That slightly added cost has a long-term benefit. From a curb appeal standpoint, that is why thick-framed windows are associated with fine and custom homes. They will set a new standard for your neighborhood and convey an image of strength and long-lasting, well-built craftsmanship.
  3. Hire an all-in-one replacement window company – Rather than a handyman, carpenter, or off-the-shelf home improvement store, use a company specializing in windows and doors. They often have a large selection of window styles and can customize your window to the exact need. At least for your front windows, hire one of these installation companies to do the work. You’ll be able to have larger, more modern windows than what is available in stores, and the payback from the boosted curb appeal will reward you.

Window replacement can cost upwards of $1,000 per window, depending on custom sizes, glass packages, and other factors. However, this is the long-term solution of all of the house improvements that will directly impact style, modernization, and resale value.

Three simple tips to give a look and feel of your home a huge boost. In today’s market, curb appeal is essential. Making your exterior more inviting will directly improve your home value, and this will make your home stand apart as the coveted address in the neighborhood.

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