Breaking News Turkey Earthquake: 2300 Deaths In Turkey And Syria


Turkey Earthquake: After Three Terrible Earthquakes, There Are More Than 2,300 Deaths In Turkey And Syria

Breaking News Turkey Earthquake

Over 2,300 people were murdered on Monday in the worst earthquake to hit Turkey and Syria in a century, which also spurred frantic rescue efforts and was felt as far away as Greenland.


Aid is being rushed by India and other nations. PM Narendra Modi got in touch with the Turkish administration. The Prime Minister declared that India “stands in sympathy with the people of Turkey and is prepared to give all possible support to cope with this tragedy.” The administration has made the decision to deploy relief supplies, medical personnel, and rescue crews.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake that occurred first shook southeast Turkey and northern Syria. Numerous thousands of others were also hurt, and a desperate search was being done for survivors who may have been buried in the wreckage of the collapsed buildings. As rescue crews combed through mountains of debris in towns and cities around the region, it was still thought that hundreds of people were buried beneath the rubble.

Residents on both sides of the border hurried outside on a chilly, rainy, and snowy night after being startled out of their sleep by the early morning earthquake. Buildings were demolished to heaps of pancaked floors, and the area was shaken by significant aftershocks or additional earthquakes, including one almost as powerful as the original.

The initial quake claimed at least 1,490 lives and destroyed 2,824 buildings, according to Turkey’s disaster and emergencies management agency (AFAD). More than 800 people were killed in the war-torn country, according to representatives of the Syrian government and relief organizations operating in rebel-held areas.

33,000 people perished in the eastern region of Erzincan after Turkey’s previous 7.8-magnitude earthquake in 1939.

Why Did The Earthquake In Syria And Turkey Cause Such Devastation?

The early-Monday tremendous earthquake that slammed Turkey and Syria was particularly devastating due to a number of variables, including its time, location, relatively quiet fault line, and the flimsy design of the destroyed buildings, according to experts.

  • The 7.8-magnitude earthquake near Turkey’s border with Syria has already claimed more than 2,300 lives, and the death toll is only likely to rise as aftershocks continue to resonate throughout the day.
  • The fact that the earthquake struck a populated area and that it was so powerful—it was the biggest earthquake to strike Turkey since 1939—helped to explain why it inflicted such havoc.

The UK Sends Out Personnel To Respond To The Earthquake In Turkey

2300 Deaths In Turkey And Syria

  • The greatest earthquake to hit Turkey in decades has prompted quick emergency response team deployment, according to the UK government, which announced this on Monday.
  • Following the 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes and accompanying aftershocks, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) announced that it is dispatching a team of search and rescue and medical specialists to assist on the ground.


More than 2,300 people were killed, and many were injured today when three powerful earthquakes, with magnitudes 7.8, 7.6, and 6.0, struck Turkey. In neighboring Syria and Turkey, there are fatalities and damage. Hours after the first deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the last two ones struck.


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