Breathe New Life Into Your Home Décor With These Stylish Curtains

On June 29, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Believe it or not, there’s no need to invest a lot of money in home décor. There are simple ways one can consider to bring a room back to life with linens and other accessories. These days, good quality furniture can be extremely expensive. Not everyone can afford to redecorate and replace all tables, chairs and consoles in a dining room for example. The newest, most revolutionary ways of spicing things up in a home can also be the most convenient. Have you ever thought of redecorating with curtains? Believe it or not they can add a lot of effect into a room, thus totally changing the general design. Here some fabulous ideas to check out:

Coffee Colored Curtains with Black Floral Influences

Coffee Colored Curtains with Black Floral InfluencesBring some drama into your living room and decorate it with coffee colored curtains. Go for the ones with black floral influences and the general appearance of your living area will be totally changed. Dark and light brown are excellent color palettes for drapes. They blend beautifully with any type of décor. Whether your living room is vintage-like or super modern and contemporary, these curtains will fit right in. As for the type of material, you can either go for a cotton blend, or try out silk and linen.

Woven Silk Drapes with Stripes

Woven Silk Drapes with StripesStripes are in trend this summer season, especially the horizontal navy type with bold color combos of blue and white. The mix works great in the bedroom; it adds more movement to the décor, and it creates fluidity. It will be a pleasure to walk in and spend time in your newly decorated bedroom. Many people go for nude curtains in the bedroom because they either want to preserve a dominant color, or they don’t care about the vibe their area sends out. Bold striped curtains are extremely visual; the moment you’ll walk in the drapes will instantly catch your eye.

Sheer Rose Curtains with Textural Grid Patterns

Sheer Rose Curtains with Textural Grid PatternsSheer curtains work really well in kitchens. They bring in more natural light and make the cooking area a lot more pleasant to be around. If you’re an avid cook who spends hours in the kitchen making wonderful recipes, these rose curtains will sweeten your day. They feature beautiful textural grid patterns and they come in a wealth of designs and shapes. Arm and hammer curtains, panel sets, textured curtain valances, and numerous other types will add a hint of originality and modernism into your cooking space.

Striking Cherry and Yellow Cotton Curtains

Striking Cherry and Yellow Cotton CurtainsMixing cherry with yellow is rather challenging. However, in the right tones this combination will add a lot of originality into a rather boring room. The combination works really well with dull interior designs, such as beige for example. Beige and brown make rooms appear so unappealing, and if you don’t want to paint the walls or replace the furniture, you can always use linens to change the décor and bring your room back to life. This eye-catching color mix won’t go unnoticed. For an added hint of originality, and season flower pots and make your living area seem refreshing for family and friends too.

All-Black Microfiber Curtains

All-Black Microfiber CurtainsDecorating a home with all-black curtains can do a lot more harm than good to your current décor if you don’t pay attention. These drapes are ideal in sunny areas where there’s too much natural light entering a room. A cool idea is to consider black drapes if your décor is sheer white. The effect will instantly make guests go “wow”, not to mention that the combination will give your room an air of extravagance and lavishness. These curtains are simple in theory but incredibly stylish and out of the ordinary when put in practice and added into a room. Make your living area appear incredible and consider blackout curtains for an added layer of ingenuity.

Changing your home’s current décor can be a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is dare to make a change. Bring in more color combos into a simple space, or cool off structural decors with simple, sheer curtains. Take a risk and make your home look magnificent with beautiful curtains.

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