Brick Tiles: A Tile For Every Style


Tiling With The Brick Effect

Nowadays, the brick-style tiles are brought to life in each of their collections of floor and wall tiles with different finishes with the same eclectic, minimalist, and special spirit as always. Brick-look tiles come in both the traditional urban wall configuration and the original hexagonal format, so there’s something for everyone. In addition, they give this collection a distinct and unmistakable character with its four main colors, white, olive, beige, and red, in warm and cool tones.

The charm of these retro finishes is underlined by the graphic diversity of the decors, which range from delicate patterns to the look of chipped plaster. The corner element for covering columns or corner walls ensures maximum design versatility. They can be textured, and so brick effect tiles have uneven edges and are as close to brick or stone as possible. Thanks to these properties, an incredible atmosphere is created, and you feel like you are in a room with real bricks.

Unique Style With These Tiles

Brick Tiles

Currently, both red shards and porcelain stoneware tiles can be used indoors. They are most often found in kitchens, where they are placed between high and low furniture. It is much better to install them in the living room area because they draw attention to this area. In dining rooms, they are used to catch the eyesight to a particular wall or area. Also, this type of facing tile can be used to frame fireplaces.

If you want your interior to stand out, make good use of the available space and fill it with elements that make home life enjoyable and comfortable.

Enhance Your Tiling With The Brick Effect

Tiles with a brick look can beautify the interior of a room as well as the exterior of a space. Tiles can be made from various materials; these will vary according to the place of application. You can design the room with brick tiles by making the surface smooth and even while maintaining the color and texture of a brick wall. You can often find them in the hallway, kitchen, or bathroom of a house. Especially in these rooms, it is essential to protect the walls from the harmful effects of moisture.

Moreover, these tiles fit perfectly on facades, particularly in vintage decorations and environments. Moreover, you can use these brick tiles for breathing new life into an old house. These rustic imitation tiles will appeal to those looking for something unique.

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