Bright Home Themes for the Summer Loving Individual


Summer is a time when you can brighten the home in various ways. It’s a time of the year when you can clear away some of the clutter in the home that seems to make the rooms smaller. These ideas can be used in almost any home, whether it’s an apartment or a home with several floors.

A Rental Home

Polywood Shutters

Think about your home as a rental. This could be somewhere you would go to the mountains or at the beach. Remove all of the older furniture and any rugs that are on the floor. Open the windows and air out the home, letting in the bright sunlight. Add bright pillows to the couches and chairs, as well as a few bright pictures on the walls. Think of your home as a place where you would only go in the summer so that it’s easier to open up the rooms.

Brighter Colors

Bright Color Shutters

Begin in one room of the home, and take away all of the dark decorations that are on the tables and shelves. Replace them with colored bowls and dishes. Blue, orange, and green on a white or beige background are good colors to start with. Yellow and white are also good colors if you like something intense. One way that you can add a little color in a simple way is to clear a coffee table, add a serving tray, and place a bottle and glassware on the tray. Add a few stirrers and umbrellas for a beautiful look. If you want to do a theme, then something tropical or nautical will give the bright colors you desire.

Move From The Corner

Living Room Shutters

In the winter, you likely sit in the corner of the room, huddled around an electric heater, or in front of a fireplace. You probably don’t want to sit near a door or a window because of the cold drafts. In the summer, move away from the corners of the room, and start sitting in front of large windows and the doors that lead to the outside world. If you don’t already have them, now is a good time to install French doors. They add an elegant look to the room, and you can see everything outside while enjoying breakfast in the morning. You can also enjoy watching the fireflies in the evening. Slide the Las Vegas, NV window coverings from the windows, letting in the sunshine during the day.

Redesign Old Furniture

Ovation Shutters

Instead of buying new furniture in the summer, remodel the furniture you already have. Paint a coffee table or end tables white, ending with a distressed look. Place a vase with bright flowers on the table. You can paint the side chairs with high-gloss paint. Blue or pale green are good colors to use. You can also do this with outdoor furniture.

Pieces of Art

Sunburst Shutters And Window Fashion

Brighten up the walls in the home with a new coat of paint. After the paint is applied, preferably a bright color, such as blue or purple, add a few pieces of artwork. You can get these pieces at secondhand stores or yard sales. Change the frames if needed so that they are white or a light brown color. Smaller pieces that are staggered on the wall can make the room seem larger.

Take advantage of the warm weather and the bright sunshine to makeover the home. Think about the colors that you like and want to see. These should be colors that put you in a good mood while making the home feel comfortable. A little paint and the removal of curtains from the windows can go a long way in your summer updates.

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