Brighten and lighten up your living room


gorgeus-art-deco-apartment-interior-design-with-glass-table-and-gold-plated-sofas-interior-designLights merely do not lighten up the space; they can form a good decorative item if used wisely. So, while selecting lighting for your living room, you must raise these questions to yourself- do the basic materials of the light fittings match the rest fittings such as door handles, window furniture etc of the room; are the fittings suiting the rest of the scheme of the room; which variety of lighting style should you use in the decor?

To give a good make up to your living room area you just need to follow few clever tricks. Some if which are listed below-

The kind of Atmosphere desired of the room


Before moving with the décor work, it is advised to take into account the kind of atmosphere you are desirous of creating in your living room. This would help you to decide the scale of brightness and dimness of the lighting to be installed in your living room. So, it you must buy the lightning variety that can be dimmed too. You can find a wide range of table lamps that can be dimmed; they really form a perfect choice usually. Furthermore, even wall lightning, is an excellent measure of providing some low-level, soft light, this would ultimately create a pleasing atmosphere in the area.

Size of the room


Getting the right kind of proportions of your lights is very important along with the quality of lightning to be installed the room. If the ceiling of the room is high and the area of the room is big, then you may go for installing a big chandelier or a compact spotlight or a chandelier in the room. If it is ceiling of the room is low, then a semi-flush or flush lightning variety forms a perfect choice.

Direction of the light

Bright living room with lamp and chandalier lighting

The direction of the light matters a lot in décor of the room. It may both make and spoil the pleasing environment of the room area; you must make the choice accordingly. Lampshades, specially the darkly colored or opaque ones, throw light both up and downwards. Translucent or pale colored lampshades throw a soft pleasing light in all the directions. Additionally, Spotlights can also be used to highlight a particular section of a room. Thus, if you wish to highlight the decorative effects and heights of the ceiling of your room, you can easily do so by using up lighters. Or if you want to light a desk area properly you’ll need spotlight or desk lamp. To sum up, you need to experiment as much as possible with the selected variety of lights.

Draw focus to an artwork installed in the room


Lighting stands out to be the best measure to highlight a picture or any art piece held by the room. For creating focus on the pictures you must go for opal-effect bulbs, as they not only provide a more subtle effect but also reduce the glare on the glass. Furthermore, for highlighting the sculptures, a subtly positioned, spotlight will do wonders.


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