Brighter Ideas – 6 Tips For Keeping The Sun Out Of Your Home


With summer having arrived, it can heat up quickly in Australia. All the heat from the bright sun can easily find its way into your home, unfortunately.

To prevent your home from heating up on the inside and you and your loved ones from becoming miserable, there are a few methods you can use to keep the sun and the heat it produces out.

Keep reading, and you will be informed of the top seven ways to keep the sun out of your home.

  1. Invest In Blackout Curtains


One of the wisest choices you can make when trying to keep the sun and heat out of your home is to invest in blackout curtains. These curtains allow no sun to shine through while keeping your home looking elegant and decorative. They have a foam backing that blocks any light trying to escape through the curtain. They are great for people who work overnights, as well as the curtains will not allow any light in so that you can get restful sleep during the day.

  1. Keep Your Blinds Closed

Keep Your Blinds Closed

Another smart way to keep the sun from shining in and heating your interior is to close your blinds when they are not in use. For example, if you are in a room that is not being used, such as the library or den, make sure to close those window blinds and keep that hot sun from filtering in.

  1. Use Awnings

Canvas Awnings

A purchase that will keep on giving through the years in your home is the installation of awnings. Canopies are an overhanging covering from an exterior wall. It mounts and fits over the siding of your house and keeps light from penetrating through your windows. Awnings are typically made of a cotton or canvas-type material that is stretched over an aluminium frame, and they work quite well to filter light from entering your windows.

  1. Plant Trees

Plant Trees

An alternative to keeping the sun out of your home that you will not be able to take advantage of right away is to plant trees near your house. A tree, as it grows, will provide shade from the foliage of leaves it produces. This is a great way to keep the sun out of your windows as well as off your roof too. Trees can keep your energy costs down as well since the air conditioning will not have to run as much.

  1. Install Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

A fun and practical way to keep the sun out of your home is to install shutters on the exterior windows of your house. Shutters can be very valuable, especially if you live in an area where the wind blows and could send debris crashing through your window, breaking it. Before a forecasted storm, you could shut all the shutters to keep your property safe. In addition to keeping the property safe, shutters will keep your house from being too hot from sunlight streaming in.

  1. Place Heavy Drapery

Drapery With Sheers For Summer

Another ingenious way to keep sunlight and heat out of your home is to place heavy drapery over your windows. The heavy drapes not only keep the sunlight out but also keep the heat out, as well as they are thick in design. This thickness allows them to stop the heat from emanating, which keeps your house much more relaxed as well.

Why Keeping The Sun Out Of Your Home Is Essential

Brighter Ideas - 6 Tips For Keeping The Sun Out Of Your Home

Why does it matter if sunlight comes through the windows in your home? There are many reasons why people want to keep the sun out of their homes. The sun generates heat, which can cause the home to heat up and cost more to run the air conditioning.

If you can limit the amount of sun coming in, the electric bill will be decreased. Also, shift workers do not want sun in their eyes when they are trying to sleep, so blackout curtains are an excellent solution for them. Lastly, people with sensitive eyes do not like sunlight as it hurts their eyes. These individuals want less sun streaming in to prevent squinting. Any of the above suggestions should make your home have less sunlight streaming in and keep you happy and cool as a cucumber!


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