Bringing Luxury Into A Ranch-Style Home


Ranch-Style Home

The classic ranch house has a distinctive look and style that makes it perfect as a starter or forever home. Apart from being easy to maintain and renovate, it is a minimalistic aesthetic. Its ability to blend well with nature has made it the second most favorite house style in America. There are different types of ranch-style houses, depending on where you are in the US. Still, they all have that distinctive long and low roofline, deeply overhanging eaves, large windows, a back patio, and a mix of materials used for the exterior. If you own a ranch-style house and you’re looking to introduce a little bit of glam into your property, there are several things that you can do to make your home look and feel more special. Here’s how you can bring luxury into your ranch-style house.

Raise The Ceiling

Modern ranch-style homes are all the rage these days, and homes in communities like Benloch Ranch combine mountain views with a modern aesthetic through open floor plans, high-end touches, and sprawling outdoor spaces. To recreate the mountain-chic aesthetic of these ranch homes, consider raising the ceiling of your home. Expose the beams and add ceiling fans, as well as a contemporary-style chandelier in the living room. Another trick to make your ceiling look much higher is to extend the windows all the way up. You can also try to match the ceiling to your walls and furniture to have the same color or look. This creates a seamless transition to make the ceiling feel higher, and it also makes your home appear larger.

Upgrade The Bathroom And Powder Room

Most traditional-style ranch homes have bathrooms and powder rooms that have a dated feel. Rather than doing a full-on renovation, try changing up a few things in these areas to modernize them. For instance, you can have an all-black powder room, then add a bit of color with some artwork. Swap out the old sink for a new model, then install an industrial-style light fixture on the ceiling. For your bathroom, aim to create a spa feel by cutting out the clutter and unnecessary items to make it look spacious and airy. If you’re planning to replace everything in the bathroom, consider having a white freestanding tub, a closed-off shower area, a marble countertop with two sinks, and an elegant chandelier to give your bathroom a touch of class.

Add Curb Appeal

A ranch house’s boxy shape can make it look rather boring from the outside. To make your property look more luxurious and welcoming, focus on adding curb appeal. Trim trees and shrubs so that they don’t obstruct your windows; then create layers in your yard by having planters in varying heights. Next, create visual interest by choosing a dark or bold color to paint your front door, and then repaint the whole exterior to refresh your home’s look. Don’t forget to install wall sconces on either side of the door for better illumination, and have a few accessories such as a brass door knocker and a beautiful mailbox to add some charm to your exterior.

Add luxury to your ranch house to make it feel more modern and welcoming. Consider making these changes to update your space while maintaining your ranch home’s positive qualities and distinctive style.

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