Bringing Nature Indoors


There has never before been more awareness of our environment and appreciation of the planet’s finite natural resources. The need to celebrate and get closer to nature is perhaps one of the few things that we can all agree upon, whatever our tastes in décor. And the benefits of bringing nature into the home are well recognised. As well as providing a wide range of decorative options, its calming effects are well established. Whether it be natural finishes, wall tiles, furniture elements or decorative objects, there is an option to suit every budget. Here below, we look at some ways to bring nature indoors, everything from a vase with freshly cut flowers to natural wall finishes and flooring.

Natural Finishes For Wall Cladding And Flooring

Wood Effect Wall Tiles

The trend for choosing natural wood flooring in the home is not the only organic material that can create warm and enveloping ambiences. Like timber, using different types of stone for interiors can also create a connection between the indoors and the outdoors. And then there are materials like metal, fabrics, glass and brick that are derived from naturally occurring elements provided by the earth. When used to decorate our living spaces, these materials connect us back to Mother Nature through the skilled crafts that manipulate and shape them. Similarly, ceramic tiles are derived from natural elements and can be expressed to evoke organic materials like wood, metal, sand and water etc. Have a look at these natural wall tiles to be inspired by the raw and crafted finishes of nature.

Tip: Ceramic tiles can also be used in living rooms to create feature walls and panels. Combine textured and smooth tiles to provide visual contrast and interest.

Natural Light

Natural Light

For some design professionals, a room without natural light is not considered habitable. Windows are, therefore, essential to creating a ‘living’ space. Maximise the light by painting reveals with bright colours, avoid obstacles and, where possible, include an opening section for ventilation.

Tip: Place a mirror on the wall opposite a window to augment the natural light.

Untreated Materials For Accessories And Utensils

Industrial Style Decor

The accessories and utensils of the home are also a great way to introduce nature to the things we touch and use in our day-to-day lives. Elements like earthenware tableware, cane baskets, carved timber bowls, reed lampshades, mats made from rushes or esparto, hemp fabrics etc. Not only beautiful to look at but, in many cases, also introducing the perfume of natural elements into the home.

Tip: Wicker furniture should not just be confined to conservatories or terraces but can be used as dining chairs and side tables in living rooms.

Plants And Flowers

Garden Wall

One of the most evocative ways to bring nature into home décor is through the use of plants and cut flowers. Plants are living elements and suitable for any room in the home, including the bathroom, where plants that love humid conditions will thrive. While a herb garden for a kitchen counter is both decorative and practical. Living rooms, on the other hand, can accommodate broadleaf palms and ferns in ornamental ceramic planters.

Tip: Freshly cut flowers will introduce a dash of colour and zest into the stalest of rooms.

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