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Wedding Venue

Buying a house is a great investment, especially when you share it with someone you love. Isn’t it memorable to conduct your wedding day at your newly bought house? Or, if you are single and ready to mingle, isn’t it a good business to purchase a property and convert it to a wedding venue for others?

Church and beach weddings may have been the trend for decades, but the villa and home weddings also join in on the fun. So really, there is no harm in transforming a lovely abode into a place where two lovebirds can tie the knot. The only thing you have to consider, of course, is how to pick the house, and how to decorate it the best possible way!

House Picking With Love

Buying a house isn’t as simple as grocery shopping. You have to be keen on all the details from the roof down to the basement, from wall to wall, and from plumbing to electrical wirings, and everything in between. Though it’s confusing to choose the best house, you have to pick one. So here are our tips:

Make Sure You Have The Budget

Your finances play a crucial role when buying a house. Whether you will use it to start a family or use it for a rental business for a wedding venue, you need to consider the money you need to spend. You can get mortgage loans from banks or make use of your personal savings. But whatever you do, always choose the house that won’t strain your pockets in the long run.

Check For The House’s Features

Each house has its own unique features. Floors can either be tiled or vinyl or carpeted, walls can either be painted or wall-papered, bathrooms can be minimal or luxe… the ideas of a house exterior and interior vary quite a lot. So, check the features that you want and narrow down your choices.

Follow Your Heart

Just like in love, buying a house needs your heart as much as it requires critical thinking decisions. If you found your dream house, get it. The memories of getting married to the one you love in that dream house of yours will last a lifetime.

This includes making sure you’ve chosen the perfect location. After all, if you’re starting your life together, why not start it in the place you want to live forever? That could be the town where you grew up, or it could be somewhere glamorous like Hollywood or Honolulu. It might be somewhere jobs are plentiful, like Seattle or Toronto, or it could be somewhere that’s both booming and beautiful, like Calgary (Alberta’s largest city) or Adelaide (capital of South Australia). So don’t limit yourself to the US alone; look into Canadian real estate or Australian real estate for your dream house as well.

How To Transform A House Into A Wedding Venue

Now that you have a house, the next step is to prepare it for the big day! Transforming a house into a wedding venue is a big feat, and to accomplish such, you need to be creative and let your imagination run wild!

Stair And Fireplace Power

Did you know that stairs and fireplaces can transform boring to elegant in a snap of a finger? These two areas of the house are often underrated. However, using and enhancing these areas will let you pull off an elegant and elaborate wedding. Decorate the stairs and fireplace with whatever theme you have. Putting flowers and ribbons along the rails also creates magic in the air. As for the fireplace, you can get creative with various decorations that are safe yet attractive to look at.

Let Guests Graze The Food

One of the best things about having a wedding in a house is the fact that you can have the ceremony and reception in one place. When it comes to the food served, you also have the final decision on how you want it served. Plated or buffet dinner sounds good. But you can also add the current trend right now, which is to serve various selections on a grazing table. A grazing table does not only keep your guests delighted, but it will also add in the glamour of your table aesthetics. Who said foods need to be served bland and boring, anyway?


Utilizing your lawn to have that dream wedding is a given, no doubt. Decorate your front lawn to welcome the guests that will be arriving, and spruce up your backyard for either the wedding ceremony or the reception (or perhaps both!) For lawn ideas, you can build a make-shift arch or canopy. You may also decorate it with candles and lamps, or perhaps get more creative by adding a special dance floor for your guests and the newlyweds to groove in the music.


Lights set the mood. Take romantic movies, for example. The best scenes often need the correct lighting to match the feelings and emotions of the actors. Otherwise, it won’t convey the desired vibe and ambiance. When decorating a house for a wedding, you also need to consider the lights. Make sure that the lights reflect the romance in the air. Lights also help the house to appear larger than it actually is. So stay away from one central light point and instead scatter the lights everywhere. There should not be a single space left in the dark.

Additionally, you should also do the same for the exterior parts of the house. Decorate the lawn with enough lighting to illuminate the area. After all, one should expect that the gathering can last up until the late-night hours.

Photo Room

If you have a house with plenty of rooms, you do not have to leave them unattended or unused. Maximize the use of the various rooms that you have and convert them into photo rooms, which will definitely delight your guests. This will make the wedding more Instagram-worthy for sure! And there are tons of ideas on how to design them! Let guests enjoy the cobblestoned pathways of Rome to the wonderful architecture of South Pasadena. You can even let them feel the sun and sand of Hawaii or Maldives… all in the comfort of the photo room. Basically, the ideas are endless, and the only limit is your creativity threshold.

A wedding should be unforgettable, and it’ll be such a wonderful way to celebrate it in a new house! Celebrating it in a private manner makes it more special and intimate for couples, their families and closest friends.

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