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Ottomans are functional pieces that enhance the look and feel of your living room. Typically, the smaller ones are used as footrests, and the larger sizes make wonderful coffee tables. The variations in styles are countless, but we’re here to tell you what to look for when buying a new one for your home.

These versatile pieces come in a few basic shapes, but let’s start with the round ottoman. A round ottoman is a welcome introduction to a room with straight lines and plenty of squared furniture. It adds depth and dimension to ensure the room does not become one large grid-patterned space. They also work well with round or curvy sofas in contemporary designs.

Next is the square or cubed ottoman, which looks good when the upholstery complements or contrasts with the fabric of the furniture in the room. Many living rooms sets offer square ottomans with dimensions customized to the sofa set. Place them alongside each other with a tray or table runner across the top to create a unique, unified feel when it’s time to relax; move them in front of your living room seating and prop your feet up as you enjoy a movie.

Rectangular ottomans are often used as coffee tables or bench seating. With hidden storage compartments, they make a great addition to your living space. You can keep it under a window and move it closer to the sofa for extra seating when friends stop by. Find ottomans for sale on our website today.

The material you choose is just as important as the shape. It should fit your lifestyle and household needs. If you have small children or pets, you know accidents can and will happen. Cleaning up spills on a leather ottoman is easy. You don’t have to be concerned about liquids penetrating the surface and sinking into the cushioning. Leather is also strong and resilient. Your pet’s claws won’t damage and tear the piece.

If spills and pet claws aren’t something you worry about, a fabric ottoman is a great choice. They come in so many different colors and patterns you are sure to find one that blends with the current décor. Microfiber is an effortless fabric to clean and doesn’t easily succumb to the damage pet claws cause. So you can use this option in a home where small children run around with finger paints and your pets regularly hop up on the furniture.

Rattan and wicker are popular choices if the ottoman is being used outdoors. They are durable and light materials that will last a long time if they keep them out of extremely hot and humid environments.

Comfortability is a characteristic all ottomans should have. Whether you’re sitting or resting or your feet on it, you want the cushioning to be supportive. In recent years, memory foam has been used to provide both comfort and support. If you have chronic foot pain, you’ll appreciate the inclusion of memory foam even more.

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