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If you’re looking to settle down into a home, you probably know that you have more than a couple of options. You can go house hunting through a real estate agent, find your own home, or even build your own. Buying an existing house is a vastly different experience from building your own. Each has its pros and cons to consider.

Buying A House

Buying a house has its obvious pros. You can hunt through a market of already existing structures. Once you know how much money you’ve been approved for, you can simply go door to door until you find the right house for you. A realty agency can also streamline the process by taking you around several properties that match your desired description. They can lead you through the negotiation process and file the necessary paperwork for you. This way, you can be in a home in just a couple of months.

Of course, when buying an already existing structure, you must consider a few things. A house cannot be customized as easily as the one you built yourself. You may also have to pay for updates and repairs, particularly if you are purchasing an older building. By buying an existing home, you are paying for convenience but sacrificing on a few of your preferences.


  • Convenient
  • Less Hands-On
  • Faster Option


  • Less Customizable
  • Add Cost Of Repairs And Updates

Building A Home

Building a home is the obvious choice for anyone who has an exact image of where they want to live. Building your own dream house lets you customize every little detail of the floorplan and layout. You can pick every feature in the kitchen, the type of wood used for the floorboards, and the finish on your bathroom faucet. If you desire complete control over your home, the building is the only option for you.

The drawbacks of building your own home are that it’s a slower process than buying a home. First, you must find a plot of land for sale and then pay builders and contractors to construct the building. This could take more time and money, but, in the long run, the return on your investment is generally higher.


  • Complete Creative Control
  • Better Long-Term Investment


  • More Time Consuming
  • Higher Upfront Cost
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