Cabinet Door Knobs: Pick The Best And Know Their Utility


Cabinets are integral parts of our lives as these pieces of furniture have drawers and shelves to store a wide range of items. These versatile boxes find multiple uses in our homes, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, toy rooms, studies, schools, shops, hotels, kitchens, etc.

  • Cabinets find application in almost every facet of daily living. With different styles, designs, and cabinet knobs, one can distinguish the stylish furniture items from the standard and functional ones.
  • Lavish and ornate knobs add panache to the beautifully crafted cabinets designed for living rooms and prominent spaces while rudimentary wooden and ceramic ones can be functional as in the kitchen.
  • In this day of understated and inexpensive styles, one can easily find value for money design that is efficient and look good and also be functional in spite of being a thing of beauty.

Utilities of Cabinet Door Knobs

Cabinet Door Knobs

The types and styles are so many, and the list is so exhaustive that it is best to look up designs that complement your decors and are well coordinated to your cabinet color and material. While selecting the affordable cabinet door knobs, you must look into the features that can actually suit your kitchen door color, the kitchen style, and also adheres to the rest of the design of your home:

  • They help the cabinet doors for popping up, and you can also use the knob to pull the cabinets.
  • You can freshen up the entire look of your kitchen by installing satin nickel finish knobs or else, brass doorknobs.

Buy Cabinet Door Knobs That Suit Your Style

Door Knob

People are looking at making individual style statements. So buying prefabricated items is fast becoming passé. Style conscious public looks for elegant and appealing cabinetry and then customizes it with a selection of fittings and knobs to create a unique look. With the different sizes, styles, colors, and price category to choose from, selecting the right knobs needs the following considerations:

  • Size of knob: The knob size needs to be proportional to the cabinet. Too large may look bulky while too small will look stark and also be difficult to open or close
  • Screw size: The door width plays a major role in screw size as larger doors can accommodate big screws and maybe a number of them while the delicate small ones may need fine fixtures that come with small screws
  • Composition: Glass and ceramic knobs may chip and break away while the wooden ones might wear out or splinter over time or due to over-exposure to moisture and dampness. Plastic knobs lose their threading, and it may become loose over time while the expensive metallic ones might get stolen. Choose the right material as per your living conditions and environment.

Shapes, Designs, Replacement Criteria, and Warranty Matters:

Cupboard Knobs

  • Shape: Round, rectangular, oval, square, polygonal or geometric
  • Design: Glittering, matte, glowing, colorful or solid-hued as per preference
  • Safety: Important to ensure that the looks are complemented by an n efficient locking mechanism that does not come loose
  • Ease of use and grip: The handle should be easy to grip for all intended users
  • Knob location: Location is decided by purpose and will be placed lower in a children’s home for their convenience
  • Scalability and replacements: Even when looking at exclusive designs, it is essential to consider the possibility of replacements in future to avoid ugly mismatched knobs
  • Price: Has to be within budget
  • Warranty and Source: Should be reliable and from a well-reputed supplier.
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