Can Proper Cleaning Prevent Clogged Drain?


While cleaning a drain may not be regarded as an enjoyable task for homeowners, it is essential for comfort, safety, and health. Strains serve the purpose of flushing wastewater and getting it out of the home, which makes the area an ideal location for bacteria and mold buildup.

Importance of Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Within the kitchen, various things, disease-causing germs, and particles of food are flushed downpipes regularly. In the bathroom, you bathe your body, wash your hands, and brush your teeth as the residual water is removed away.

Lack of regular cleaning can lead to an extensive buildup of grime. Germs that thrive in a moist environment, mold growth, and collections of oil can pose significant health risks over time, look unsightly, and cause bad smells.

Cleaning Drains Regularly

Drain Cleaning Service

The addition of regular drain cleaning to your cleaning schedule helps to ensure that your drains remain clear of debris and stay fresh over time. Using boiling water to flush the waste every week is an excellent way to keep germ and mold growth under control.

Basic Maintenance

Basic Drain Cleaning

For essential maintenance, you can fill a tub or sink up with boiling or hot water and open the drain line for the water to pass entirely through the range rather than trickling down areas where there is less resistance. Vinegar and baking soda can also be used for extra freshness.


Mold Detection

If you notice mold in your bathroom or shower pipe, baking soda and a drain brush are useful for scrubbing out any visible areas. Flush with vinegar and hot water once again.


Hair In Drains

The buildup of hair in drains is often frustrating and may need the help of a professional plumber if the accumulation is significant. Consider buying drain filters that can prevent hair from blocking your drains.


Prevent Clogged Drains

Disposals often cause bad odors. When you notice bad smells, pouring baking soda inside the drain and some vinegar can help to address the problem. Allow the solution to lingering for some time before running boiling water through the drain, and after getting rid of food waste, running hot water through the disposal system can prevent smells.


Blocked Drain

Consult a plumber if using hot water is not sufficient for getting rid of bad odors and mold or clearing minor blockages. There may be a deeper problem within the line that should be examined by trained professionals.

Avoid using any products that are filled with chemicals as they may remain above the blockage while corroding the pipes and making the problem worse. Plumbers provide appropriate solutions for drain cleaning with the right equipment and products.


Drain clogs are caused by various things such as excess food, waste, or hair that are stuck in pipes and disrupt the flow of water or external tree roots that interfere with your plumbing. Cleaning regularly effectively prevents natural odor and drain blockage issues.

Various professionals recommend environmentally friendly and natural cleaning solutions. If there is a blockage or lingering smell that you are unable to deal with, contact reputable professionals from a plumbing service that can diagnose pipe blockages and drain issues before providing the most effective solutions.

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