Can You Really Save Money by Having Replacement Windows Installed?


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You probably came across this article because you’re considering replacement windows and weighing the benefits. Perhaps you have heard that new, energy-efficient windows will save you money. However, you have the following questions lingering in your mind:

Do You Need to Spend Money on Replacement Windows?

Look at your windows objectively. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the windows drafty?
  • Are they difficult to open or close?
  • Do they fog up?
  • Are there cracks in the panes?
  • Are the frames cracking or rotting?
  • Are the locks broken?

If your answer to any of these questions was “Yes,” then you probably need to replace your windows soon.

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A second question you’re asking yourself: Can you save money by having replacement windows installed?

Here are 5 Ways That Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Save You Money

  1. Save On Your Cooling And Heating Bills: Right away, you’ll save money on your home cooling and heating costs. These savings can add up drastically. For example, EnergyStar states that if you’re replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient replacement windows, you should see savings from $126-$465 yearly. The wide range is impacted by the size of your home and your area’s climate.
  1. Decrease Your Expenses On Window Maintenance: Older, single-pane windows are normally framed in wood. These wood parts require ongoing upkeep and maintenance. You probably have a honey-do list that includes annual maintenance to keep those old windows safe and functioning properly. The things you need to do each year include removing old caulk, scraping old paint, re-painting with expensive exterior paint, and re-caulking. These window maintenance materials cost you both time and money every year.
  1. Save On The Costs Of Maintaining And Replacing Your HVAC Equipment: HVAC equipment, like all mechanical things, is prone to needing repairs and replacement in due time. More frequent use causes faster equipment failure. Replacement windows keep your home free of drafts of cool air in the winter and hot air in the summer. The result is less demand for your HVAC equipment. THEREFORE, your HVAC unit will need maintenance less often, and it will remain running at peak performance for many more years.
  1. Lower Your Costs On Your Homeowner Insurance: A few homeowner insurance companies offer small discounts for improving your home’s security. These discounts can cover certain kinds of window locks and shatter-resistant glass. The shatter-resistant glass discount can be even more significant if you live in an earthquake- or hurricane zone. Call your insurance agent for advice. These small savings from year to year can result in a significant value over several years.
  1. Spend Less Money On Replacing Home Furnishings And Flooring: The sun floods into your home and fills your home with light every day. Your flooring is subjected to the damaging UV rays of the sun constantly, causing continual wear and fading of your home furnishings and flooring. This is why you will often find a spot of carpet that looks new when you move your furniture around—the new-looking spot is free of sun damage. In addition, energy-efficient replacement windows have low-E coatings and help to protect your expensive furnishings and flooring. This alone can save you thousands of dollars on a bill for replacing home furnishings or flooring!


Energy-efficient replacement windows are a significant up-front investment. Over the years, however, you will see savings in the five areas discussed today. Immediately, you will be able to increase the comfort of your home and your security and safety.

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