Can You Save Electricity If You Use Dimmer Lights?


The cost of running a house continues to rise. Even if you fit solar panels, you will probably still be connected to the grid and mindful of the cost of running lights and other items all the time.

While turning off lights and unplugging appliances can undoubtedly help to reduce your electricity consumption an interesting question is whether you can save electricity if you use dimmer lights.

Understanding The Dimmer Light

Dimmer Light

A dimmer switch can be fitted instead of a conventional switch which merely turns the light on and off. The dimmer switch is designed to reduce the flow of electricity through the switch; this reduces the amount of power each bulb can draw; reducing the power by which they illuminate the room.

Most dimmer switches are a simple knob that can be twisted to increase or reduce the power flow. However, there are more modern versions that use digital technology; allowing you to connect them to your smart system and control the lights from your chair or even when you’re not at home.

The most common reason for using a dimmer switch is to allow you to change the ambience in a specific room, or all rooms if you have it fitted to all of them.

Saving Electricity

LED Bulbs

The short answer is yes.

The dimmer switch reduces the amount of power going to the bulb; this reduces the amount of electricity you are using and saves you money.

The fact that the bulb is not shining as brightly also means that it is under less stress; potentially extending the life of the lamp and saving you more money.

However, it is worth noting that the savings may not be huge. A traditional 100-watt bulb could be reduced to 20 or 30 watts represent a significant reduction in electrical use. But, the modern LED bulbs are already more energy efficient; a 6 watt bulb can give the same effect as a 40 watt traditional bulb.

This is great for saving you money, but it does reduce the ability of the dimmer switch to save you more money. Dimming a 6 watt LED bulb to 2 watts will only save you 4 watts of electricity. While this can be multiplied across the bulbs in your house and the amount of tile they are on the reduction in your bill will not be as significant as someone using traditional bulbs.

Of course, you’ll already be saving by using LED’s so the dimmer switch will only maximise the savings possible.

Professional Fitting

Professional Electric Fitting

Although replacing a switch can seem like a simple task it is advisable to contact the professionals. This will ensure the job is done correctly and you’ll benefit from a warranty as well as peace of mind. Tiger Electrical is a great example of a firm that will replace one switch or all the switches in your house for you. It’s also an excellent time to have an electrical inspection completed; this can find faults and save you more money in the long run.

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