Canvas Awnings Provide the Required Comfort in Homes

On January 19, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

You might be feeling frustrated at the onset of summer thinking what to do about the generous amount of sunshine that filters through your windows despite it being covered with black shades. Now there is a much feasible solution to this problem right in your nearest market. You have the option of canvas awnings for your home which will protect the inhabitants from the excess heat that enters through those black painted glass windows.

These awnings are made of canvas cloth and are structures that can be erected on the support of two poles and attached to the upper side of your window outside the home. These are like curtains but function much better than them. They are especially good for those residing in tropical countries as they face the maximum amount of heat during the summer causing them to live in unbearably hot conditions.

Types of Canvas Awnings:

roll out awningsThere are two types of awnings- manual ones and retractable ones. The retractable ones are much more costly but are easy to handle as well as they are remote-controlled. The manual ones are good as well and are a lot less costly. The prices start from 500 dollars and go up to much more if you want a designer piece for retractable awnings. It mostly depends on the quality of the material that you choose.

Advantages of using Canvas Awnings: Canvas Awnings

  • The primary advantage is the fact that they guard you from the intense heat during summer. When you have fierce sunlight in the garden and cannot go out in the fear of getting scorched you can simply sit in the shade of your awning and enjoy cool lemonade.
  • You can also go for garden parties under your canvas awnings. The designer ones are chic and fashionable.
  • The material that is canvas is extremely durable and strong. It does not only block sunlight effectively but also lasts long making it a cheap and durable option. Thus when going for awnings, check to make sure that the material is durable.
  • Modern awnings are fitted with great technology making them look extremely beautiful to throw parties under. If your awning is retractable then you can control and dim the lights as you want to. It provides a mystic environment.
  • These awnings are efficient in blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus when these are installed you would have less to fear for the skin cancer of your children and elders. These awnings are the perfect way of blocking the harmful rays against which other methods do not work.
  • Getting your furniture faded due to prolonged exposure to sunlight is something that most people complain of. Due to this it is a feasible solution to get canvas awnings outside the windows which make it easy to block out sunrays and save your furniture from being discoloured.
  • Canvas awnings can end up saving some electricity in the process of blocking the sunlight. They block the heat of the summer sun making the inside of the home a few degrees cooler by default. Thus when you think of saving electricity bills in the long run, these awnings can definitely make sure that you save up on these factors.
  • Nowadays due to the availability of designer awnings, people are choosing them for the decoration of their homes as well. When you think of getting an extra room, instead of spending on the room you can simply get an awning, bound a place with it and place some sofas and chairs around the space. This will provide you with an extra room!

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