Car Paint Protection 101: How To Wash Your Car At Home Like A Professional


Car Paint Protection

You do not need to take your car to a car wash to clean it to make it look nice and Schmick. You can do so from the comfort of your own home, particularly your garage, driveway, or even lawn, for a more environmentally friendly option. If you think you need to spend money on fancy high-tech equipment, let me tell you that you are wrong. The materials you will use are normally no more than three, and you probably already have them. Washing your car by yourself can take some time, so pick a day to focus on that task. However, of course, if you lack the time, supplies, and technical know-how, then, of course, using a professional car detailing company like Schmicko may be a better option than doing it yourself. Without further to do, let me guide you through the steps to get your car squeaky clean, especially those who would like to keep their car paint protection looking great all year round.

  1. Gather Your Materials

The first step you will do is pick the equipment you are going to use. Just like I said, it does not have to be anything fancy. Just a water hose, soap, and microfiber towels can do the job. But, in case you want to go all-in, here is some equipment you can use. First, you need a water hose, and then you can use a wash mitt (safer than a sponge) and microfiber towels. It would help if you also had car wash shampoo and bucket to purchase from your local car care shop easily. Those with a ceramic coating as paint protection are best to use a pH-neutral shampoo, which most of the car washes from your local auto shop are. If in doubt, speak to the store manager for assistance.

  1. Get Your Car To A Comfortable And Safe Space

One thing you must know is that things will get soaked. Go to a place where you are allowed to wash your car; there are some neighborhoods where residents do not support that idea. Once you have your space, you can bring the water hose and the rest of the equipment and set everything out so you don’t have to return home until you’re finished. Ensure your windows are closed, the antenna is in place so the water doesn’t cause any damage to the car. Great areas would include your driveway, double car garage, under a carport, or even on the front lawn. If you plan to wash in your double car garage, rinse the car outside, do all the interior, and dry inside the garage. One of the biggest advantages of having a garage is shade. Doing the cleaning is much easier. Those with a ceramic coating on their car will know instantly how much easier it is to clean your car than before. That is because this form of paint protection acts as a shield for your car.

  1. Turn On The Water Hose And Rinse The Car

Soak your car with only water first to get rid of or soften the dirt, be careful around the windows. Take your time with this step and go into every space around the wheels. If you have a pressure washer lying around, that would be a better option than the garden hose due to the extra cleaning pressure.

  1. Wash The Car With Ph Neutral Car Wash Shampoo

Now, this is where the actual cleaning happens. You can choose your cleaning technique as you wish. You can apply the tip I already gave you of using two buckets, one with soap mixed with water and the other with only water; this will prevent you from causing more mess. Be sure to use the proper dilution to ensure that you are not diluting your solution too much. After all, it would help if you had enough shampoo for extra cleaning power. pH neutral shampoos are typically safe across all car paintwork and ceramic paint protection. The great thing is that shampoo is often very cheap.

Wash the whole car with your car wash solution. It could be soap or car wash. First, make sure to detail thoroughly the wheels. Those finicky about the wheels can always have the rims protected with a ceramic coating to repel dust and dirt, making quick work of it during your cleaning sessions. Next, you need to clean the windows, use the same cleaning solution, or use a window cleaner. Be careful when you clean the windows as water could slip into the car through the rubber. As you detail your car, you have to rinse it immediately before moving to the next section. Dried soap can be a pain to clean off afterward; this is why shade is a tremendous advantage when washing the car at home. Also, drying it right away reduces the likelihood of water spots forming. Ceramic coatings play a significant role in helping to prevent these water spots but only so much can be helped when parked underneath a scorching hot day under the sun. Finally, remember to rinse your car wash mitt in the bucket regularly to dislodge any contaminants stuck on it; this reduces cross-contamination.

  1. Dry The Car

In the last step, you need to dry your car. For this, you will need microfiber towels; the towels need to be dry, of course. Absorb every last drop with the towels, and as an additional step, you can grab some car wax to add a layer of protection to your paint. It is not necessary, but it makes the paint of your car last longer. Remember to apply the wax once the car is 100% dry. Using a large microfiber drying towel is a better option than the old-fashioned chamois, which can be notorious for scratching the paintwork. Ceramic coating car will not need to wax the car as it already acts like wax. However, if you want to go a little more extreme, you can also purchase a ceramic coating sealant from your local auto shop.

There you have it! With these simple steps, you’ll be able to wash your car comfortably without spending any money.

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