Carpet Care 101: Answers To All Your First-Timer Carpeting Questions


There’s nothing quite like a carpet that transforms your home into a palace of the royals. Purchasing an antique carpet is more than just an impulsive buy – it’s an investment. Like any good investment, you will need to upgrade the quality every once in a while. An experienced carpet cleaner does this by regular servicing and preservation. More often than not, you’re going to want to be a part of this process. The more curious you are about your carpet, the better equipped you will understand the dos and don’ts while maintaining your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Care Tips

So, where do I begin, you ask? You just did. Keep reading.

What Is The Right Time To Clean My Carpet?

The Right Time To Clean My Carpet

Get your carpet steam cleaner ready because any time is a good time. If there is dust settling in your home, then it will most probably settle on your carpet too. Carpet fibers have more dust in them than one can tell from the naked eye. This dust and dirt will accumulate over time and eventually become a constant worry. Like any piece of fabric, carpets need regular cleaning and some steamy shampoo love, too.

Routine vacuuming, coupled with a visit from your carpet cleaner, will keep your carpet fresh and clean.

Why Can’t I Clean My Carpet Myself?

DIY Carpet Cleaning

You could, but do you think you can handle all the bacteria, soot, cooking oils, dust mites, fungus, chemicals, pollens, dirt, stains, and ash by yourself? The bigger a family, the higher is the contaminant count on your carpet. Most of these will find their way onto your carpet involuntarily through your clothing or footwear.

So while you can avoid damaging your carpet as much as you can, you also must have it professionally cleaned to rid it of the pollution piling up.

Okay, Okay. I Get It. But What Is The Ideal Method?

The traditional dry cleaning method is a tried and tested one. The hot water extraction method is also a popular one. Some people may even call it as steam cleaning, although it’s not mainly steam. During this process, a cleaning solution in hot water forces out all the contaminated particles of your carpet, and the contaminants are sucked into it. A professional carpet cleaning service will also pre-treat the carpet, which boosts the ordinary cleaning process.

So, Who Qualifies As A Certified Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner

According to, Ideally, a professional carpet cleaner will have a degree in upholstery or carpet studies. They can also be experienced in cleaning and carpet restoration. Hire the services of someone who can give you more information about the right cleaning techniques and has the best foolproof methods of removing stains, spots, and discoloration.

What Should I Have In Mind During The Hiring Process?

Monies are always the first thing that should be discussed with your cleaning service guy. Draw up a budget and then check their price quote. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are open to negotiations. The more complicated and complex the process, the more expensive it will be. But as mentioned before, this should not deter you from availing of the best service possible.

The second thing is to have an idea about all the services included in the contract. You could even request the company to add any additional services that you may need.


The more effort you put into caring for your carpet, the longer it will last. Maintaining the appearance of your carpet is similar to maintaining the appearance of your living room. If you have to do it right, you’ll have to go all the way!

How often do you get your carpet cleaned? Which are carpet cleaning products that you use regularly? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be back with more informative articles!

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