Carpet Cleaners: Are They Reliable?


Carpet cleaning is not precisely the ideal go-to chore for anybody. However, it is the kind of chore that nobody ever wants to do but is necessary. Unfortunately, most carpet owners leave their carpets for several years without cleaning. This is not a good practice. To prolong the performance of your carpet, regular cleaning is recommended. For this, you can also use Bissell Big Green, as it will also help you get the best results.

When Should You Clean Your Carpet?

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Experts agree that a period between 12-18 months is appropriate. Cleaning your carpet will also depend on several other factors. One of these factors is the foot traffic in your home. Certain aspects will also demand immediate attention. For example, wine spills and pet urine will need special attention. Therefore, it would help if you were well-equipped with the proper DIY knowledge to handle such emergencies.

Carpet cleaners are a brilliant addition to your cleaning collection. It is a fast and efficient way to get rid of dirt and stains. However, considering that there is a range of carpet cleaners on the market, choosing the best cleaner may be challenging.

How Do You Choose A Carpet Cleaner?

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Here are carefully selected and proven methods to help you choose the best carpet cleaner.

  • Check The Weight

Carpet cleaners can be heavy when empty. They become even heavier when a solution is added to the tank. In addition, a large carpet cleaner may present a little trouble for one person to maneuver. It is, therefore, imperative that when choosing a carpet cleaner, you prefer a lighter model.

  • Check The Length Of The Hose, Settings, And Accessories

Carpet cleaners differ in various ways. Some have one tank for the mixture of water and cleaning solution. Others have two separate tanks, one for cleaning solution and one for water. This will depend on your preference. Also, check out for a carrying handle to ease the burden of moving around.

Settings are also vital depending on what you want to achieve. For example, some carpet cleaners are said to clean hard floors like tile and wood, while others have dry-only settings. This helps speed up the drying time of your carpet.

The length of the hose is vital as you might need a longer hose to reach the rugged areas.

  • How Loud Are The Cleaners?

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A carpet cleaner is much louder than a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if you intend to use these machines for long, it is recommended that you use hearing protection. Noise-canceling headphones will also work just fine.

So are carpet cleaners reliable? If your home carpet(carpets) gets many foot traffic and stains, then a carpet cleaner is worth getting. You will need a storage area to prove a cost-effective method to clean other than renting equipment.

Having a machine ensures that you tackle the stains quickly. With regular cleaning, your carpets will look better and last longer.

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner?

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To get that clean, fresh look on your carpet, proper carpet cleaning procedures must be followed. Here is a glimpse at how best to use a carpet cleaner.

  1. Thoroughly Vacuum The Area. This is essential in picking up loose dirt. Make sure that the furniture is moved away.
  2. Use Wax Or Aluminium Foil On Furniture Legs. Furniture might be heavy to move. Wax and aluminum foil are placed to prevent stains on the wood finish as it dries.
  3. Do Not Close A Room With A Wet Carpet. Doing this will slow down the drying time. Unfortunately, it will also encourage mould growth. Alternatively, keep the windows and doors open to keep air circulation.
  4. Do Not Begin Cleaning From The Doorway. The best practice would be to start at the furthest point from the door. Then, work your way towards the exit. This will be easier to dispose of the accumulated dirt. You can also step out when you are done to enable the carpets to dry.
  5. Vacuum The Dry Carpet. Once everything is set and ready. It helps to once more vacuum the dry carpet. This will pick up the remaining dirt.

Now that your carpet looks clean and fresh, maintaining it is crucial. However, despite all the efforts to sustain it, messy accidents, spills, and splashes might be hard to avoid. If this happens, then there are go-to DIY methods that you need to use.

  1. Do Not Rub Blot Stains. Rubbing will only drive the stain deep into the carpet. Instead, the solution is to gently dab the colors with a clean cloth mixed with a cleaning solution.
  2. Use Vinegar And Club Soda. Wine stains from carpets can look bad. If used correctly, club soda could remove the stains. Pour club soda into a cloth. Use the material to blot the stain. The color will look lighter. Repeat the procedure till the stain disappears.
  3. Shaving Cream Is Your Friend. Shaving cream works on almost all types of stains. The way about it is to apply the cream directly onto the stain. Give it time approximately 30 minutes. Once everything is ready, blot with a dry cloth.
  4. Freeze The Chewing Gum. Carpet cleaners are not necessarily ideal for removing chewing gum. The best way around this is to use ice. First, press some ice cubes against the gum till the gum is frozen. Then, use a spoon to lift the gum.

If you are still having issues, a quick search on the best Bolton cleaning firms should lead you directly to a cleaning company of your choice.

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