Carpet Cleaning Tips For Kitchen


Carpet Cleaning

Kitchen is the place where spills and stains are very common. For this reason, carpet cleaning is much more frequent in the kitchen than any other carpets in your house.

Now, if you want professional help, there are a lot of rug cleaning phoenix companies and almost every in every major cities and state in the US. But this professional cleaning can be costly for some household, and that’s why self-cleaning at home is the approach that most people take. So, here are some tips if you want to do the carpet cleaning yourself.

  1. Using Wet Wipes

Wet wipes or baby wipes are available at almost every household, and they are super handy.

These wet wipes will be a great help in your home carpet cleaning process, especially if the stain is fresh.

Using the wet wipes, you can quickly soak up the moisture from the carpet and clean it before the stain starts to sit.

  1. Beer For Coffee Stains

Beer or any other alcoholic liquid works like magic for coffee stains. So next time when there is a coffee or tea stain on the kitchen carpet of yours, take a piece of cloth and pour a small amount of alcoholic liquid on it. Then gently rub the place where the stain is and wipe out the coffee from the carpet.

  1. Cover The Spot With Salt

One of the most common thing in your kitchen and surprisingly one of the best agent that removes spots from your carpet.

Just cover the spotty place with salt and the salt will then absorb or soak the grease from your carpet. This prevents the spot or the spill from penetrating the material of the carpet fabric.

You can also use Sugar instead of salt, and it would work just fine.

When the place is dried up, using a brush remove the salt or sugar from the spotted place.

  1. Toothpaste Removes Stains And Smell

The toothpaste you use in your home could also work in removing the stains. The biggest advantage of toothpaste is it not only removes the stains of food and beverages, but it also removes the smell that would be produced by the food remains.

Just apply the paste to the spot where food or liquid drinks were spilled and leave it for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, wash or rinse the carpet with fresh and clean water.

  1. Lemon Juice For Quick Grease Removal

If you don’t have the time to wait 24 hours with toothpaste applied all over the carpet, you could use lemon juice instead.

But note that the smell won’t be eliminated with this lemon juice, but it will work on the grease on the carpet within an hour. After an hour or so, blot up the carpet using fresh towels or paper napkins.

  1. Potatoes Are A Handy Solution

Much like the salt, potato also soaks up the grease. All you need to do is cut the potato into half. Leave them over the spot for a day and then wash the carpet with warm water. But make sure the warm water doesn’t harm the carpet fabric.

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