Carpet Steam Cleaning A Necessary Evil!


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Not all methods of cleaning the carpet are made equal. Even though a lot of companies use a traditional steam cleaning method in carpet cleaning, this may be harmful to your floors, as well as your health. In this guide, you will truly find out whether steam cleaning your carpet is a good carpet care method or not.

  1. What Is Steam Cleaning?

Before we even answer the question, ‘Is steam cleaning bad for your carpet?’, we need first to define the process of steam cleaning.

For those who don’t know yet, steam cleaning is a carpet care method that is suggested by most manufacturers of carpet. It is also called hot water extraction.

In this process, hot water is sprayed into the carpet and then sucked back into the machine. It also sucks existing dirt that’s on the carpet. Usually, there is a cleaning solution that’s being added to the water to assist in the removal of soiling and stains.

This might be different from the true process of steam cleaning. Today it’s extensively accepted that the term steam cleaning is synonymous with hot water extraction –the most typical process of professional carpet cleaning.

  1. Is Steam Cleaning Bad For Your Carpet?

While steam cleaning is the most recommended method of carpet cleaning, it isn’t a guarantee that it is good for the carpet. As we have stated earlier, it can be harmful not just to your floor, but to your health as well. Below are five (5) reasons why carpet steam cleaning is not the best solution for your carpet.

  1. Carpet Steam Cleaning Uses Harsh Chemicals

The use of carpet cleaning methods like hot water extraction might mean that harsh chemicals will be engaged to clean the fibers of your carpets thoroughly. These harsh chemicals might reduce the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. Not just that, it might be detrimental to those who are suffering from allergies, pets, and small children.

  1. It Takes Hours To Dry

The use of steam cleaning involves copious amounts of water. This, of course, means taking hours and hours to dry. What’s worse, when you’re waiting for your carpet to dry out, you aren’t allowed to even step on it for numerous hours. This proves that it is challenging if you have pets or small children at home. Staying outside the house all day to wait for the carpet to dry can be a huge inconvenience.

  1. It Can Attract More Dirt and Dust

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company or renting a steam cleaner, you might expect that the results will be clean. The truth is that steam cleaning may attract more dirt and dust. Inevitably, this may lead to much messier floors. Further, this also means that you may have to have numerous follow-up cleanings to fix the damage.

  1. Carpet Steam Cleaning Produces Wastewater

It is unavoidable that after the hot water extraction, your carpets will create a lot of wastewater, which contains dirt, bacteria, and grime that they have sucked up from your carpets. They need to dispose of this wastewater, which might end up in your water source or storm drains. This shows that carpet steam cleaning isn’t the most eco-friendly method of carpet cleaning.

  1. Steam Cleaning Will Leave Your Carpet Dripping Wet

You or the company you hire will use a lot of water. The idea is that the tool that is used in applying water vapor into the carpet may dig deeper into the floor fibers and break down the grime and dirt. This leaves you with a freshly cleaned carpet.

The reality is that the steam cleaning of your carpet will leave it (the carpet) dripping wet. This might damage the carpet over time. If your carpet isn’t properly dried, its fibers may eventually lead to mildew and mold growth –something that you do not want to affect your indoor air quality.

  1. How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Cleaning your carpet is a task, which is most often done during big cleanouts. Think to move out cleans, spring cleans, and periodical deep cleans of your home.

It is not that fun to do, yet it is a necessary evil.

Most people who have a carpet at home may have their carpet cleaned once in a blue moon. Carpet cleaning isn’t just necessary to get rid of stains. Having your carpet/s cleaned may also help in improving the look and feel of your carpet.

To keep a carpet looking and functioning well for a long period, manufacturers suggest having the carpet cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months. This depends on the amount of foot traffic at home. This type of regular cleaning is a condition having your bond returned at the end of your tenancy.

If you want your carpets to last, make sure that you take care of them properly. Be sure to know the dos and don’ts! Be aware of the possible risks of the cleaning method that you prefer with your carpet, as it will affect not just your floor, but also you or your family’s health. Happy carpet cleaning.

This comprehensive guide on carpet steam cleaning was written by the folks at PaintMates, a Sydney based house painting company.

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