16th Apr
Why You Should Install A Platform Lift In Your Home Or Business

Why You Should Install A Platform Lift In Your Home Or Business

When it comes to decorating or renovating your home or business, thinking about different ways to make your premises accessible can be a bit of a headache. Take the difficulty out of decision making and read on to find out why you should install a platform lift in your home or business. Accessibility First and […]

01st Apr
New Apartment in Minnesota Offering Unique Property Amenities

New Apartment in Minnesota Offering Unique Property Amenities

If you are a tenant, moving in with pets can be very challenging for you as not all apartments are pet-friendly. Some of the landlords may not be very happy to allow tenants to live with their pets. In such a scenario, if you are the owner of a furry roommate, you need to find […]

06th Mar
David Van Hoesen Lists The Essentials For Luxury Homes

David Van Hoesen Lists The Essentials For Luxury Homes

Luxury real estate is often characterized by premium building materials and a price per square foot metric. However, highly sought-after properties are fully equipped with top quality amenities, innovative technology, and custom aesthetics. David Van Hoesen is the President of Alpha Building and Construction and has extensive industry experience in architecture and interior design. He […]

08th Feb
Best Friends Forever: Monica's Apartment Through The Decades

Best Friends Forever: Monica’s Apartment Through The Decades

You watched Friends, right? Of course. Everybody remembers those bold characters and their defining traits: the funny one, the stupid one, one that was kooky, one who was a nerd, The One With Nice Hair, and the house-proud one. It may be the house-proud one, Monica E. Geller, that you’re thinking of today as you […]

03rd Feb
How To Improve Acoustics Of The Flat?

How To Improve Acoustics Of The Flat?

The sound is a technical area, and not everyone can understand the complex details of it. But what is important to know that sound can have a very considerable impact on our daily operations. Every room has its sound, and the surfaces in our room will diffuse, reflect or absorb the sound to some degree. […]

01st Feb
7 Methods To Help Your Clients Accurately See Your Vision When Building A Home

7 Methods To Help Your Clients Accurately See Your Vision When Building A Home

One of the most important aspects of effectively being able to design specific projects is helping clients easily see your vision—this much we know. Being able to design a home effectively within your client’s specifications can be just as much about getting what they want as it is getting what you think will work, but […]

22nd Jan
What To Look For In A New Apartment

What To Look For In A New Apartment

Moving out in search of a new home can be quite an exciting experience. You’re finally at that point in life where you’re going to move out of your current place of living to a new apartment. Its natural to find yourself feeling so many emotions at that point-the excitement of change and independence and […]

17th Dec
8 Renting Myths That Are Bogus

8 Renting Myths That Are Bogus

When it comes to matters that involve renting, different people have different beliefs about just about everything. Take the Rental Agreement, the rental laws or the tenants’ rights, for example. All of these differ from one rental to another. Not to mention from city to city or even country and state. Something may not be […]

11th Dec
5 Tips For Building A Granny Annexe

5 Tips For Building A Granny Annexe

A granny annexe is the best solution for you to have the best of all worlds; enabling you to have your elderly parents close by, and for you to have your privacy and comfort. Generally, they should be a single storey for some reasons, but the most important one is the fact that it’s easier […]

26th Nov
Gut-Remodel Your Studio Apartment Beautifully Yet Economically

Gut-Remodel Your Studio Apartment Beautifully Yet Economically

If you own a studio apartment, you already know how flexible space is and how many ways there are to decorate it. Studio apartments are preferred by people who live on their own for the comfort they offer. In most cases, studio apartments are bought already furnished, and the future owners would like to remodel […]

29th Oct
The Cost Of Building A New Property – How Does It Work?

The Cost Of Building A New Property – How Does It Work?

A new home build is an exciting project. You get to buy a plot of land and choose the type of home that you want to live. However, you should not get carried away with the excitement. You need to plan the build carefully and work out how much the home you want is going […]

08th Sep

7 Ways Of Better Decorating Your Tiny Apartment

Are you living in a small apartment? In fact, the number of apartment dwellers has increased significantly in the past few decades. Whether it’s a formal studio apartment or any other odd-shaped living space that you might have to bear with for living presently, decorating them good enough is not an easy job. They require […]

01st Sep

How To Design Senior Apartments For Low Mobility?

Designing apartments for seniors is not the same as designing apartments for the general public. With age, most of the residents will start facing issues with mobility, which is why you may have to make your apartments senior-friendly and also secure. There are many aspects you may want to consider. Resident movement and mobility You […]

20th Jul
Bring Home Convenience With Home Lifts

Bring Home Convenience With Home Lifts

Home lifts are on such inventions which give you in conveyance within your home. The vertical arrangement of buildings is very necessary to tackle with space crunch which is a major problem. Multi storied buildings can create some problem for those suffering with health issues and they cannot climb up easily. It is not only […]

06th Jul

Using Partitions And Screens To Create Zones In Small Apartments

Small apartments can be tricky when it comes to design. You don’t have a lot of space to work with, so a generous helping of creativity is important. There are lots of tips out there to help you figure out how to decorate a small apartment, but if you need extra space, a lick of […]

19th Jun
Condo Maintenance and You

Condo Maintenance and You: Everything You’re Responsible For

Condo owners generally have a pretty easy gig when it comes to home maintenance and condo shades. Responsibilities vary from building to building, of course, but when compared to the laundry list of items that single-family-homeowners are tasked with on a regular basis, condo owners have a pretty sweet deal! That said, there are some […]

06th Jun
Home Sweet Home: Common House Designs For You

Home Sweet Home: Common House Designs For You

From traditional to modern, there are different types of houses all over the world. Log house, mansions, and Mediterranean abodes are just some of the beautiful designs of homes you can find. One way to classify a house is to know its architectural style, cause each type of architecture has a history in it. Adobe […]

03rd Apr

Smart Tips For Decorating Your New Apartment

Moving into your new apartment? Congratulations. Now it’s time to decorate. While decorating your new space may seem like an overwhelming challenge, it needn’t be. When it comes the furniture and decor, the world is truly your oyster. Finding and implementing design concepts and decor ideas that work for you should be an enjoyable process. All […]

19th Feb
5 Factors To Consider While Building New Home

5 Factors To Consider While Building New Home

Everyone dreams of owning the perfect home. Thanks to the tremendous information available today on media platforms, there is so much you can learn about building a new home especially from success stories of homeowners who have made it. Before you take your biggest lifetime step, there are a number of things you should keep […]

06th Oct

Low-Cost Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

If your apartment is not as spacious as you would like, do not despair, as there are plenty of ways to make it appear bigger than it is. Big cities are often crowded and expensive, which is why more and more people are living in tiny apartments, which is why the Australian specialists behind the […]

25th Aug
Optimum Space Saving Ideas For Granny Flats

Optimum Space Saving Ideas For Granny Flats

Making the old people of the family comfortable and contented should be a priority in our life. Now when we are about to make them settle in their own space without making them much worried of their dear belongings, we can go for the ideas that can help us to create a relaxing room for […]

14th Jul

Just Do It: 5 Remodeling and Designing Ideas Your House Needs For 2017

Next to fashion, another field that follows trends and discoveries, is interior designing. This area includes home design or remodeling. Designing for a new big house for a family of six, or remodeling an apartment for a solo flight, either way, people who do the job follows the trends that are present in whatever list […]

20th Feb
How to Turn Your Apartment into a Penthouse

How to Turn Your Apartment into a Penthouse

So you finally have your own apartment, but it’s not what you were hoping for. The blank slate that got you in the door is a little too blank now that you’re having to live in it. Don’t feel trapped in a boring apartment though, there are so many ways you can spice up your […]

21st Jan
How To Use Your Furniture To Maximize Your Space

How to Make Full Use of Limited Space in a Small Apartment

Palm Beach isn’t the cheapest place to live, but it’s worth it. One way people wanting to live in one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the US manage to afford rent is to get a small apartment. This could be a converted attic or a one bedroom condo at The Strand West […]

16th Sep

9 Home Design Checklist If You Want A Safe And Secure Home!

Do you have plans of renovating your home? Or maybe build a new one as an investment? There are several factors that make a house livable, one of them is security. As early as possible, make it a point to consider security measures and preventive steps to protect your loved ones from break-ins and property […]

12th Sep
Smart Storage Solutions

Storage Design Ideas to Give Your Apartment a Minimalist Style

Do you subscribe to the belief that “less is more”? When it comes to makeup, fashion, style or even friends, the concept of “the more the merrier” is not always necessarily true. Same is the case for designing a house. Take it from the Japanese, the ultimate believers of minimalism. Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism preaches […]

16th Jul

5 Design Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

When decorating your studio apartment, you don’t have much room to be frivolous, since the furniture and accessories you choose must fit in the small space. At the same time, you don’t want the entire apartment to be so focused on function that it has no design esthetic at all. That’s why it’s important to […]

18th Jun
Home Upgrades That Will Add Big Value To Your Apartment

Home Upgrades That Will Add Big Value to Your Apartment

Whether you’re currently readying your apartment on the market or just looking for ways to add value to your home investment, it’s necessary to consider upgrades. As you know, not all upgrades will give you equal benefits – some do offer good returns while others can cause more money, thus this article. If you are […]