19th Oct

Five Top Tips When Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Are you on the hunt to choose the perfect piece of art to complement your space? In interior design, this can be one of the hardest things to get right as there is just so much art for sale to now choose from! Here, we are taking you through our 5 top tips that you […]

16th Oct

Stylish Christmas Decorations For Your New Home

Whether you’re planning the biggest Christmas bash ever, or you’re just trying to “wow” passers-by, it’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. This is especially true if you’re a new homeowner. Who doesn’t want their first year in a new place to be memorable? It doesn’t matter if you just got a […]

12th Oct

Make Your B&B Business Shine With These Decor Tips

A Bed & Breakfast Inn can be a rewarding business concept, allowing you to reach profitability while not involving a wide range of extensive requirements. If you are using your residential property for B&B purposes, your experience might be even more pleasant and convenient. However, because you depend on the number of guests coming in, […]

12th Oct

Decorating Your Home? How Your Decor Can Add Comfort to Your Home

When you move into a new home, it’s such an exciting experience. After all, it’s the place where you’ll create tons of memories and get comfortable in. This is one of the main reasons why you should do all you can to make sure it’s a comfortable living space. One of the best ways to […]

28th Sep

Matching Your Dog Bed with Your Home Décor

When choosing a bed for your pet, there are so many things to consider, mainly shape, size and design. Many people are also concerned about how the bed will fit into their homes, as usually, a dogs bed is placed in communal areas of the house. The most popular place to have a dogs bed […]

26th Sep

How To Turn Your Home Into A Party Venue

Parties are part of life. They add excitement and allow people to get together and have fun. The best parties are also a bit expensive. But one way you can host an awesome party without cranking out too much money is to celebrate it in your own home. Not only will you have more budget […]

24th Sep

Best Ways To Refresh Home

Home is the place where you lead your life so it must get the best upgrade overall. Believe it or not, it’s tedious to have a house without any refreshing things. But trapped in a routine schedule its complex to done the renewed décor to the home. What To Do? It’s unfair to make a […]

14th Sep

5 Tips On Financing Your Decorating Project

It’s a great idea to make changes to the interior of your property from time to time; this way you can keep up with style trends and you can make things more interesting from a personal point of view. If you are thinking of redecorating your home, then you might find yourself feeling excited at […]

10th Sep

Painting Pros Will Not Want To Share With You These 12 Tips

Introduction Different painters may have different painting methods and preferences. Still, some trade tips make painting easier, faster. The pros may not want you to know these tips. But in this writing, I will reveal all of them. Some of them may sound easy, yet I bet that not all painters know or pay enough […]

09th Sep

Selecting A Color For Your Home

As it usually happens, every owner who just comes to a new home gets a strong desire to create a place of own dreams. He or she is ready to spend hours looking through different decorating and design magazines and grasping the creative ideas from the sources. The first strong desire every person has is […]

07th Sep

8 Budget-Friendly Mini Makeovers

We all want our house and rooms to look presentable and stylish. Even we ourselves are particular about the way we look, and every now and then, change our hairstyle or wardrobe to have a different and fresh feel. So why can’t that be the case when it comes to our home? The good news […]

01st Sep

Retirement Homes Planning and Design

Planning and designing retirement homes for seniors is a lot different when compared to other types of homes. It is the residents and their needs that you need to keep in mind while planning and designing this kind of home. You will want to make things as comfortable and convenient for them, whether it is […]

14th Aug

5 Reasons The Central Pneumatic Sprayer Is The Best To Decorate Your Home

The central pneumatic sprayer is generally used for dispensing various hot adhesives, this kind of sprayers is versatile. They have the ability to dispensing various hot adhesives this kind of sprays generally uses for commercial purpose. Pneumatic sprayer compresses the air to small particles. These sprayers have the benefits apart from the authenticated style of […]

26th Jul

7 Ways To Amp Up The Look of Your Home

Every home you will ever see is in a constant state of evolution from an aesthetic standpoint. Even if it is mostly “done” and unlikely to change much further, this is not a quick process. There are always places where you can elevate your décor and take your home to the next level. Begin With […]

25th Jul

Things You Must Follow Before The Exterior Painting Of Your House

Painting exteriors of a house is as important as painting the interiors. This will protect the house from unfavorable weather conditions, prevent decaying and degradation of walls along with furniture. Simultaneously, this will make your house look stunning and absolutely new but certain facts should be kept in mind and certain rules should be followed […]

24th Jul

7 Best Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home Interior

Wall decor is one of the focal point when it comes to home interior and creating a certain ambience. It not only defines the creativity and ability of the person but also decorates the space and enhances the touch and feel of the room. Generally wall is decorated with a number of things that are […]

15th Jul

How You Can Choose A Decor Theme And Carry It Throughout Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, you understand better than anyone just how important the look and style of your restaurant is when it comes to its success. More often than not, the look of the place ends up accounting for just as much as the quality of the food you serve, if not more. With that said, […]

12th Jul

Home Decoration Trends For 2018

Minimalism doesn’t ever quite go out of style. However, 2018 is set to bring about fundamental changing trends in colors, patterns and surfaces. To make your home stand out more wholesomely than last year, you need to seek inspiration from all channels. Spectrum TV offers a great selection of home décor reality shows you can […]

10th Jul

Top Art Ideas For A Christian Home

Expressions via visual cues have always helped man to understand his surroundings and leave his interpretation of life on a tactile surface. There have been many cases where drawings left by our prehistoric ancestors are found in caves and in the form of carvings. Art, especially religious art is constantly seen throughout the life of […]

01st Jul

Quick Tips For Home Decor

The hassle to buy or rent a home in a new city is a difficult task. It requires a lot of effort! You have to look out for a perfect house which fits your budget and is in the vicinity of your office. Do consider the direction of your house so that you know that […]

26th Jun

5 Tips To Updating Your Home In 2018

Ready or not, 2018 is here. The festivities are behind us and it’s the start of another new year. So far, you have had enough time to relax. Now, it’s time to update your home. The new year is usually a time to refresh the look and feel of your space. It gives you a […]

25th Jun

How to Decorate Your New Luxury Home

Decorating a high-end residence can feel like a sweet pleasure. It may compel people to focus on design components that are regal, palatial, and perhaps most importantly of all, luxurious. If you want to decorate a brand new luxury residence in the manner it deserves, these options can change the game for you in a […]

11th Jun

Six Things To Look Out For When Buying A Home

Buying a new home is like acquiring the car of your dreams or planning a vacation – you can’t keep calm! Even with all the excitement, house hunting can be a head-scratcher, even if you have ever done it before. Of course, you don’t just choose a home because it looks aesthetically appealing, though it […]

09th Jun

Interior Design Tips For Beautifying Your Home To The Maximum

Do you own a home? If so, there is a good chance that you want your home to be absolutely perfect. Owning a home is a lot of responsibility as well. You’re going to need to clean every day to keep everything nice and shiny. You’ll also want to think about the home’s interior design. […]

31st May

How To Plan Your Decoration After Moving Into A New House

You’ve moved into a new house, Congratulations! Grab a Pen and paper because purchasing the real estate was only level 1. You still have a long way to go. Transforming a house to your home sweet home isn’t the easiest feat. When looking for that cozy, homely feeling in the new space, it all comes […]