07th Mar
How To Spot A Reproduction Antique Mirror

How To Spot A Reproduction Antique Mirror

Reproductions are everywhere in the world of antiques, and not being able to spot one could cost you dearly, as reproductions are made to look like the real thing. One item that is commonly selected for a good copy is the antique mirror, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how to […]

08th Feb
Best Friends Forever: Monica's Apartment Through The Decades

Best Friends Forever: Monica’s Apartment Through The Decades

You watched Friends, right? Of course. Everybody remembers those bold characters and their defining traits: the funny one, the stupid one, one that was kooky, one who was a nerd, The One With Nice Hair, and the house-proud one. It may be the house-proud one, Monica E. Geller, that you’re thinking of today as you […]

07th Nov
What Sort Of Design Elements Create A Rustic Feel?

What Sort Of Design Elements Create A Rustic Feel?

These days, rustic home design and decor is becoming increasingly popular. Contrary to popular belief, achieving a rustic feel in your home doesn’t necessarily have to involve complex renovations or complete changes in your house’s architecture. Here are four simple design elements you can incorporate into your home to give it an authentic rustic atmosphere. […]

10th Oct
Renovation Reversal - Achieving A Vintage Kitchen With Modern Appliances

Renovation Reversal – Achieving A Vintage Kitchen With Modern Appliances

There are heaps of good reasons to renovate your home. To begin with, many people buy a property to get a foothold in the market, but the place may not be up to scratch. Or perhaps you want to rejuvenate your living spaces. A current trend in interior design is the combination of the vintage […]

10th Sep
Furniture Styles Through The History

Furniture Styles Through The History

Humans have built chairs to sit on and cupboards to keep their things in since as long ago as 3100-2500 BC when Neolithic period people used stone building blocks to make their interiors more inhabitable. But it didn’t take long for things to become more sophisticated. Chairs, desks, and the all-important bed evolved considerably through […]

16th Jul

The World’s Most Famous Flea Markets

If you are fortunate enough to travel and see the world, then you should really check out some of the famous flea markets around the globe. This provides a shopping experience you can never get from an upscale mall or plaza. You may even find rare collectibles to bring home and display in the living […]

08th Jan
5 Artistic Home Decor Ideas to Turn Your House into a Home

5 Artistic Home Decor Ideas to Turn Your House into a Home

It is the details that make the biggest impression in the feel of a home. Using the right artistic pieces demonstrates the personal importance of beauty and atmosphere. Here are a few examples of how you can turn your house into a home by adding small touches of inspiration through art-based design. Scenic Photography You […]

06th Dec
The Chesterfield Sofa: A Design Classic

The Chesterfield Sofa: A Design Classic

A Chesterfield Sofa is instantly recognisable by its luxurious appearance and distinctive detailing. Typically upholstered using leather, The Chesterfield is made unique thanks to the buttoning of the material, the low seat, and its signature shape. Having originated in the 1700s, these sofas have proven to be absolutely timeless by remaining stylish since their creation, […]

22nd Nov
Tips To Restore The Finish On Your Furniture

Tips To Restore The Finish On Your Furniture

We deliberately did not title this article to refer to antique furniture only. After all, any piece of wooden furniture can start to look a bit jaded over time. It does not have to be decades old for this to happen. To be honest, you can even have issues with a relatively new table, if […]

24th Aug
Home Reno: 5 Ways To Bring A Classical Feel Into Your Home

Home Reno: 5 Ways To Bring A Classical Feel Into Your Home

Interior design will always remain a primary feature of a house. In recent times, traditional houses are no longer a thing for older people. Many homeowners’ especially familial households are opting for a traditional touch to their modern homes. A major characteristic of traditional houses is their warm and contemporary feel. Below are tips to […]

02nd Jun
Making Your Home An Expression Of Yourself

Making Your Home An Expression Of Yourself

Thanks to Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the latest decorating trends are always at our fingertips. Of course, trendy doesn’t always mean that it’s perfect for your particular budget, taste, or lifestyle. You can make your home an expression of yourself by finding a balance between trendy decorating ideas and unique décor that […]

12th Apr
How You Can Give an Antique Look to Your Modern House

How You Can Give an Antique Look to Your Modern House!

Nowadays, it is a trend to decorate houses with the antique furniture and give it a retro look. The interior designers are charging a lot for the same. If you love an antique kind of appearance and want to renovate your modern house without losing many bucks from your pocket, this article is perfectly suitable […]

24th Jan
The Cheval Mirror A Classic Choice With Many Possibilities

The Cheval Mirror A Classic Choice With Many Possibilities

When shopping for a mirror for their home there is one type many people have heard of yet happen to know little about. The cheval mirror is a classic which every style-savvy consumer should have on their radar. So here is your quick guide to this one-of-a-kind choice. Unique From The Bottom Up This is […]

09th Dec
Creating the perfect winter sanctuary with the Danish concept of Hygge

Creating the perfect winter sanctuary with the Danish concept of Hygge

How do you stay happy in a country which is cold, dull and wet 70% of the time? Denmark has the answer, often voted as the happiest country in the world could their concept of Hygge be the answer? In essence, Hygge is creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life […]

18th Nov
A Blast from the Past: 8 Classy Ways to Add a Victorian Touch to Your Modern Home

A Blast from the Past: 8 Classy Ways to Add a Victorian Touch to Your Modern Home

Everybody loves the sad and wistful feeling that nostalgia brings. The obsessive melancholy can trap us in one particular moment. It’s only natural to miss the bygone days no matter how imperfect they were. Call it instinct, if you will—a trait innate to every person. We’re all inclined to bring back a part of the […]

05th Jul
Creating A Gothic Home: A Few Suggestions

Creating a Gothic Home: A Few Suggestions

“Goth” is a favorite of homemakers who want their homes to reflect a distinctive style. Victorian Goth is an unadulterated juxtaposition of elegance and playfulness. It conveys class and mystery at the same time. Homes with gothic décor and architecture are a favorite with the letting agents in Slough because they are highly popular with […]

12th Apr

10 Stunning Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

The living room may be considered as the social hub, but most of the time people tend to spend an awful lot of time in their kitchens which makes it tremendously important to have a stunning space that works best for you and your beloved guests. Here are some of the kitchen design ideas we’ve […]

04th Apr
Old Home Helps To Make A Vintage Style Look New

Old Home Helps to Make a Vintage Style Look New

If you have an older home, you’re in luck. It’s the perfect showcase for a vintage style that will bring out the best of your home’s beauty. Let your imagination take you back in time and follow these tips to get the look you want. Pick an Era First of all, define your era. Do […]

07th Dec
Displaying Your Collections As Part Of Décor

Displaying Your Collections As Part Of Décor

One of the most important things in life lies in being able to find that single mental getaway, you can always turn to. Even the most beloved and convenient of jobs is still a job, which means that from time to time it is going to be quite stressful. Personal problems will come and go […]

31st Aug

Vintage Details: How to Include More Art Deco in Your Design

Visual art is a great way to improve your interior design and adding a mix of Art Deco details can be done in just a few steps. An advantage is you don’t have to transform your entire home in order to include all designs that tend to make up a Deco appearance. You can also […]

07th Jul

Choosing and Organizing the Best Home Décor and Garden Furniture

When it comes to choosing the best garden furniture and home décor, you need to take into consideration different styles, materials, and colors. Choosing the right furniture for your garden is not as easy as it seems, especially if you want it to suit your garden and its surroundings. For example, if you want rattan […]

03rd Nov
Modern Stairs

Modern VS Traditional Stairs – Which Is Right For Me?

If you are in the process of building or renovating your dream home and require a staircase to get between levels, you might be overwhelmed at all the different styles and designs out there. More often than not, however, it all comes down to modern and traditional stairs – they are the most popular styles […]

02nd Jun
Comfortable Home Decor

Vintage Interior Design – Part 3

It’s after a long age old suffering and pondering over sessions that people have now realized the importance of renovating their home space in a way that would make them want to stay inside. Houses are no more just a dwelling that you choose to reside in, it is now more of a status symbol […]

31st May
Art Décor

Vintage Interior Design – Part 2

For all the creative lot who have by some sad fate ended up in a boring 9 to 5 job can use their long forgotten talent to build by the interiors of their very own house. All you need is to have a good eye for such stuff, and quite honestly a lot of money […]

30th May

Vintage Interior Design

Making an attempt to define “Vintage Interior Design”, it is a style of decorating the insides of your house on the pattern of what the glamour used to be like in the 1940’s era. Many of us are mistaken to form an assumption on hearing the name “vintage” as being something that is now obsolete […]

21st Mar

Very Artistic Vintage Doors

Vintage Doors. Old is Gold, so true! Presenting some of the classy and artistic vintage doors that are just timeless piece of art. Crafted with such intricate details, these Vintage doors are a master piece of woodworking. The design language of todays world maybe shifting towards modernisation but some designs can literally never go out […]