16th Oct

15 Tricks To Make Tiny Outdoor Spaces Look Bigger

Decorating isn’t just about making things look nice, or making things practical. It’s also about creating unconscious impressions that influence the way that people ‘feel’ space. In an urban setting, there are few places where this is less important than in the garden or on a balcony. These are commonly small spaces that are, ironically, […]

14th Oct

3 Ways To Use Super Screen In Your Home

Are you a new or current homeowner looking to upgrade the screens in your home? Super Screen is a uniquely developed carbon fiber window screen product designed for supreme durability and protection. Here are three ways that you can use SuperScreen in your home. Screened-In Patio A screened-in patio is a great way to enjoy being […]

08th Oct

8 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Feeling stressed? Take a step outside and breathe deep. Spending time outdoors is one of the best things to do for our mental and physical health; mom knew right all along when she told us to play outside! Improving your outdoor living space acts as an extension of your house, giving your family more space […]

04th Oct

Seamlessly Unique Ways To Merge Your Home’s Interior With Its Exterior

Interior and exterior design are separate words on paper, but in reality, are as fit for one another as the sun and the moon. Just so, merging the two within your home improvement plan could be the most cost-effective way of extending your square footage. Working from the inside out, keep an eye open for […]

24th Sep

Essentials Of Outdoor Floor Tiles

One of the most powerful ways by which you can protect the exterior exposed areas is to get the right outdoor floor tiles. Outdoor floor tiles can be installed very quickly and can effectively withstand any extreme temperature. You should make sure that you choose the right tiles for your outdoor. However, there are several […]

03rd Sep

Garage Decor: How To Decorate And Design It

Your garage may be the last place you want to spend time and money from your decorating budget. However, it is also one of the most commonly overlooked areas in your home for putting to use in myriad ways. Because it is such a large space, the ideas for it are only limited by your […]

25th Aug

Preparing for Fall: 5 Ways to Redecorate Your Home’s Exterior

Finding the right look for fall can be difficult. This is especially for the exterior. Without as many plants for flowers in bloom, you need to get a little more creative. Here are five ways to redecorate that you should try. Prepare for a Rainy Day Looking out your window when it’s raining can be […]

16th Aug

5 Tips To Increasing The Longevity Of Your Deck

During the summer, everyone is out in the sun enjoying every bit of it. We will always do our best to utilize our outdoor space. One of the most common places to relax and enjoy long conversations with yourself, family and friends is outside on your deck. The deck has many functions. It can be […]

11th Aug

Things To Consider Before Design Your Deck

A deck is the prior step to add beauty and functional to your outdoor space. Whether it is part of a complete landscape plan, home remodel, or new building project, the right deck design will add value and years of enjoyment to a home. Here are few things you should consider before the deck design […]

01st Aug

5 Tips For Buying Patio Furniture On A Budget

Having an outdoor space is not something that every house has, but for homeowners who have space on their lot, having a patio can really add more charm to your house, not to mention you give it extra space to entertain friends and family. If you are looking for a way to buy patio furniture […]

26th Jul

4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Exterior Appeal

Curb appeal matters. When you’re ready to sell your home, it’s important to remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. If your front yard looks like a mess, this might be an indication that the inside of your home is a mess. In order to attract the right buyers, it’s best to spend a considerable […]

25th Jul

Things You Must Follow Before The Exterior Painting Of Your House

Painting exteriors of a house is as important as painting the interiors. This will protect the house from unfavorable weather conditions, prevent decaying and degradation of walls along with furniture. Simultaneously, this will make your house look stunning and absolutely new but certain facts should be kept in mind and certain rules should be followed […]

24th Jul

Considering A Timber Frame House? 5 Things You Should Know

Using timber framing is the fastest growing construction method in the UK. There are many reasons for its popularity since there are several benefits to building a timber house. Although they are considered a lightweight form of construction, they are incredibly durable and strong. In addition to their functionality, they are also extremely beautiful to […]

20th Jul

Updating The Exterior Of Your Home – Top Tips To Keep In Mind

Are you tired of feeling uninspired when you look at the exterior of your home? Do you have a yard that gets little to no use and just doesn’t seem practical or welcoming? Are you looking for a way to extend the amount of living and entertaining space you have, but have reached the max […]

16th Jul

Top Tips On Hiring An Independent Asphalt Paving Company

When looking at doing a commercial or residential asphalt paving project, you open your internet browser or thumb through a phone-book to find a contractor. How do you choose the right independent asphalt paving company for what you need? There are a few things that you should consider when picking out a paving company. Find […]

12th Jul

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Being around nature is important, but we often don’t get enough time outside because it’s just too impractical for us. Without anywhere to sit, put down a laptop, or even rest a drink, it can be really hard to justify spending time there. If you’re having this problem, perhaps this guide on how to create […]

02nd Jul
How Garage Doors Automation Is Going To Change Your Life

How Garage Doors Automation Is Going To Change Your Life

Home automation is no longer that futuristic tech that was only limited to science fiction movies. That idea has turned into reality and we’re all witnessing its unstoppable growth. Today we can see its functioning products all around us. For most of us, it has made its way into our daily practical lives such that; […]

25th Jun

From Trash To Treasure – Revitalising Your Home’s Exteriors

Our homes are our babies, but is the look of your home one that only a mother could love? Life is a rat race of trying to do it all, be everywhere, and find some time to get some shut eye. Things can easily be pushed to the side. However, knowing that a miraculous couple […]

20th Jun

Upgrade Your House Looks Using Composite Decking Calculator

Homeowners constantly tackle with the different house renovation techniques to implement. With the passage of time, several construction materials and methods have been introduced, which provide authentic looks to the house. The appealing house renovation using composite decking calculator is the perfect option. Decking is the type of outdoor construction project, which provides a perfect […]

18th Jun

Your Ultimate Guide To Decking Boards Types And Deck Materials

Building a deck in your yard is one of the best ways to enhance the value of your property. One of the significant decisions to make during a decking project is choosing which type of material to be used for the decking board. The type of decking material that you choose defines your deck. In […]

17th Jun

How To Expand Your Living Area To The Outside World

Ever wish you could have more room? With so much squeezed into a small space, there is some outdoor space which makes a nice addition. Ideas from http://stillwaterdwellings.com/ help expand your home in style. The outdoor space can be maximized while reaping rewards inside. Style Outside As You Would Inside While it’s relaxing to sink […]

15th Jun

Best Deck Paints And Deck Strippers For 2018

After winter season it is the best time to give your decks a high-quality deck coating. Because of different weather conditions like heavy rains, storms and more your deck gets affected a lot. It is must that you protect your deck by applying a paint coating to it. Some Good Reasons Supporting Why You So […]

31st May

How To Decorate Your Patio With Expensive Decor

A patio can add a touch of luxury to any outdoor living space. It can provide you with a sophisticated place to revel in fresh air and entertain guests as well. If you want to take the look and feel of your patio to a higher level, these high-end decoration options can work out beautifully. […]

28th May

Outdoor Comfort: 5 Decor Ideas for Your Back Patio

Your back patio can either be a luxury oasis or a nightmare to deal with. If you make the right choices for the back patio, you can have a great space for barbecuing, entertaining and fun activities for everyone. The right products can make a world of difference on your patio. Property Pest Control Gone […]

15th May

6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Exterior

Homeowners usually invest a lot of time and energy into their home interior design, but what some of them seem to forget is that the exterior is what plays a crucial role in creating a good first impression. Therefore, we’ve singled out 6 interesting ways to spruce up your exterior and effectively improve your home’s […]