06th Apr

5 Tips To Keep Your Garden Looking Healthy All Year Round

You don’t have to have a green thumb to recognise the significance of a well-kept garden. Australian homeowners and renters alike seem to highly value lush, green areas in and around their property. Well-maintained gardens are a powerful way to increase your home’s value, grow your own herbs or produce, or simple add to the […]

02nd Apr

Spring/Summer Garden Design Trends for 2018

Now that the evenings are getting lighter and the days are getting warmer this can only mean one thing, spring is officially here. A time that often bring with it cleaning, de-cluttering and reorganising your home. But for a lot of us, spring means we can get back to the garden and try to repair […]

29th Mar

Home And Garden DIY Tips On How To Landscape A Yard On A Budget

Want to jazz up your home’s yard but only have a tight budget to work with? Don’t worry: it’s possible! You don’t need to spend many precious dollars just to maintain and beautify this special part of your house. If you don’t know how to landscape a yard on a budget, here are a few […]

18th Mar

Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Nursery Health

The well being of a garden nursery is important to maintain. If you are someone who loves your garden nursery, it is important to make sure that you spend time taking care of its health. Sometimes plants get affected by diseases which invariably harm the nursery. To ensure a healthy garden nursery it is essential […]

17th Mar

What Affects The Cost Of A Tree Trimming Job?

Whether you’re trimming trees after a storm or just taking care of some errant branches to make your landscape look a bit more tidy, you want to know what the job will cost so you can plan accordingly. There are a variety of items that affect the cost of a tree trimming job. Here at […]

15th Mar

Top Benefits Of Mulch Sale For The Home Landscape

Homeowners are, always, interested to enhance the landscape of their home in order to increase the resale value of the property. Beautiful flowers and lush green vegetation capture the attention of the people. However, the desired results can be achieved through the application of mulch, which is a manure spread over the area to make […]

09th Mar

Choose The Best Garden Hose Reel: Everything You Should Know About It

If you need a more efficient and comfortable method of watering your garden, then garden hose reel is a great tool to use. It is convenient to use and works fast as compared to using a watering can. The hose reel comes in different sizes and types from various manufacturing companies but before you buy […]

09th Mar

Tools That A Professional Gardener Will Require

A perfectly manicured garden in your yard will not only look beautiful and give you a pleasure feeling but it will also increase the value of your property. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your garden either by yourself or by taking the help of a professional gardener. Whatever you choose, there are lots […]

05th Mar

Rooftop Gardens – Amazing Benefits And Tips To Create One

There is nothing better and more relaxing than spending your weekend enjoying fresh air in your lovely garden after a long, busy workweek. But what to do if you don’t have a backyard or a terrace, and your home is surrounded by concrete buildings? Well, go through this article to discover the amazing benefits of […]

03rd Mar

5 Tips To Keeping Animals Away From Your Garden

Gardening is very close to the heart of many and these people toil for days cultivating the soil, planting with care, and maintaining the garden so plants can bloom as much as they should. They do everything to protect their garden, yet it doesn’t come easy, especially when you have animals around threatening to destroy […]

01st Mar

How to Start Your Own Gardening Business the Expert Way

A gardening business is a great industry to get involved in. With the ease of networking and use of a strong hobby, you are in a great position to start your own gardening business. If you are looking to have fun while making money, here are a few tips on how to start your own […]

28th Feb

Give A Touch of Nature to Your Drawing Room by Japanese Black Pine

The Japanese black pine is one of the finest species of bonsai trees that you can get for yourself. This species often gets referred to as the king of the bonsai. If you see anywhere in the market Japanese black pine for sale, head there straight and buy one for your home. They look super […]

24th Feb

Natural Materials You Can Use to Build a Retaining Wall and Why You Should Do It Soon

Landscaping your lawn is a satisfying job. Watching it take shape as you put together all the elements one by one is pleasant. Especially, if you build a retaining wall in your garden outside, it would yield great results. Retaining walls are natural stone or wood walls and to put them up don’t take much […]

22nd Feb

External Home Decor: How to Match Your Facade with Your Yard

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Your yard and how it interacts with the exterior of your home makes a statement. This is your chance to set the tone for your home. Here are some tips on how to blend your façade with your yard. Replace Your Aging Roof […]

19th Feb

Indoor Plants 101: What To Consider Before Choosing And Using Them In Your Home

An indoor garden is a great gift to give to someone. It’s a gift that endlessly gives back to you. Indoor plants not only improve your mood and make your home’s air quality better, but they also create an eco-friendly and stylish home. A lot of people have second thoughts on having an indoor garden, […]

12th Feb

3 Ways That Artificial Grass Can Work Well For You And Your Family

Every homeowner strives to continually improve the appearance of his or her house. The lawn greatly defines your house and it either attracts guests to your home or drives them away. With this in mind, proper care should always be taken to ensure that your lawn looks radiant all year long. If you’re overwhelmed by […]

11th Feb

The Top 5 Pruning Tips And Tricks

Pruning is a fundamental gardening skill. Proper pruning ensures the healthy growth and flowering of plants. It also enhances the beauty of your landscape. Thus, it is important to prune properly to increase the value of your property. Let’s look at the top 5 pruning tips and tricks: Know When To Prune It is very […]

11th Jan

How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Great All Year

You’ve decorated your home just the way you want it, and you know that you’ve got to have a regular maintenance routine to keep it in good order and looking the way you’d like. Some tasks you do every day or week, and some you do when the seasons turn. Well, a lush carpet of […]

07th Jan

Five Ways To Connect With Nature At Home

For nature lovers, a house is nothing more than a form of protection from the elements. What makes a house a home for these people is the inclusion of natural elements that create a feeling of being outside even when they’re stuck in the house. Being connected with nature can have numerous health benefits, including […]

21st Dec

Enhance Your Gardens With The Fabulous Outdoor LED Lighting

The LED lightings have emerged as one of the brilliant ways to enlighten your homes whether indoor or outdoor. No matter what kind of mood you wish to create, these kinds of lightings are just perfect. Even if you want to lighten the outdoor spaces, you can make full use of these lights. The outdoor […]

19th Dec

The Suburban Farmer – 3 Weather-Wise Ways To Keep Your Garden Flourishing Through Summer

Summer is a great time of year in Australia with abundant sunshine, pool parties, backyard barbeques and lazy days on the beach to enjoy. It seems as if everyone is in a good mood, there are plenty of festivals and events happening and it’s wonderful to be out enjoying the sunshine every day. While us […]

06th Dec

The Top 3 Ways A Home Weather Station Can Help Your Garden

In the field of science and engineering, the accuracy and precision of data are pretty much dependent on three things: sensitivity and quality of the equipment, duration of the data gathering, and the proximity of the data source to the said equipment. One of the most popular data set in the world is meteorological data- […]

28th Nov

Garden Landscaping Solutions-Reasons To Hire A Professional!

Some people are enthusiastic about their home décor. They have not only well-maintained interiors but also have beautiful exteriors of the house. Those who have pretty flowers in their garden have put in lots of efforts. However, there are certain complex tasks that the homeowner might face like the excavation or slope terracing. You even […]

06th Nov

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a great addition to your home especially if you have extra space and time to cultivate the plants you choose to grow in it. There are a lot of benefits to having a greenhouse at your disposal. There is also a bonus of knowing that you are doing a little bit of […]

25th Oct

Hiring Services Of Professional Landscaping Contractors

If you have a backyard that is big, you might plan installations of a pool or a trampoline and sometimes even a swing just for you and your children to enjoy. No doubt, this is a great idea to do but have you thought of landscaping the space a little by throwing some trees around? […]