Cattelan Italia Chairs: Unquestionable Comfort, Unrivaled Charm


Cattelan Italia Chairs

Cavallini1920 is a leading furniture retailer based in Milan and specialized in high-end Made in Italy furnishings. The company offers a comprehensive range of interior design and home decorating services. Cavallini1920 has long-standing partnerships with the top brands in Italian designer furniture and is proud to be an official Cattelan Italia dealer for the Milan area. Year after year, Cattelan Italia chairs are among the best-selling items at the two Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo, and when you get a chance to see – or touch – a chair by Cattelan Italia, it isn’t hard to understand why.

When Cattelan Italia entered the market in 1979, it focused exclusively on tables. But as the brand grew and its popularity achieved global proportions, it soon branched out into other product categories. There is no better complement to a high table than a great chair, and the Vicenza-based company quickly developed a reputation as one of the premier names for high-quality Italian designer chairs.

The Most Popular Cattelan Italia chairs

Times change tastes evolve, and interior design explores new avenues with each passing season. But through it all, the Anna chair by Cattelan Italia remains a beloved icon of Italian design. Available in a variety of various materials and finishes, with or without armrests, this steel-structured lightly-shaped dining chair is a timeless classic that suits a variety of moods and styles.

Another perennial favorite is the Agatha Flex model, a dining chair designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic compatibility, featuring a flexible backrest that adjusts on the pressure to each person’s optimal sitting angle. Like most Cattelan Italia chair models, it too is available in several different configurations.

The long list of best-selling Cattelan Italia chairs also includes the understated Isabel chair, with its soft and essential lines, the stunning Betty chair, with its suspended silhouette that seems to epitomize high-end Italian design, and the Aurelia chair, whose unique tuxedo-style backrest will bring elegance and exclusivity to any dining area.

Cattelan Italia Chairs: The Best Of The Rest

In addition to its vast selection of dining chairs, Cattelan Italia also offers several attractive options for armchairs, office chairs, chaise longues, poufs and an array of contemporary and modern designer bar stools.

The Penny stool is a linear, adjustable bar stool that provides excellent comfort while adding a touch of style and distinction to any modern kitchen. Equally charming but entirely different, the Toto stool brings a more playful and colorful note to the mix, with its rounded edges and bright, eye-catching tones.

The Tyler Wheels model is an upholstered, swiveling desk chair that marries comfort and functionality with a striking design – a fabulously stylish addition to any professional space or home office.

The Sylvester chaise longue is a twisted, breathtaking creation that is equal parts chair and sculpture – an eye-capturing centerpiece that will transform any space and never fail to start a conversation.

Finally, among the brand’s more daring concepts, is the striking Alaska armchair: a real one-of-a-kind piece in stainless steel that features a jagged, geometric design vaguely reminiscent of an iceberg.

Regardless of personal preferences or fleeting trends, Cattelan Italia chairs are always synonymous with style, comfort, and impeccable quality. And with an impressively vast catalog to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for any architectural space.

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