CCTV Drain Inspections – Secure Your Home’s Plumbing System


CCTV drain inspections are modern steps towards new-age plumbing. It is proving out to be a valuable tool for plumbers. The cameras being waterproof allows precise visual control down the drainage and sewer lines to locate and identify the actual problem and give accurate solutions.

Drain Camera:

CCTV Drain Inspections

A drain camera is a high-resolution video lens mounted at the end of a cable. It slides down the drain that has a diameter of two inches and more. It helps you to find out the core problem. Based on the size of the drain, drain cameras can be either attached at the end of thin, flexible pipes that are easy to maneuver around in narrow pipelines and drain systems. However, if the pipes are big enough, often these cameras can be mounted on the wheeled crawler unit, which can be, remote controlled and can be operated perfectly fine.

The Function Of Drain Camera:

Function of Drain Camera

Some of the common issues that can be identified through these CCTV drain inspections are- offsets in the joints between the pipes. Which is caused by the shift in the soil over a considerable amount of time that effects in pushing breaks and gaps between the pipe joints; tree roots invading the pipelines which cause leakage and blockage; crushed or bent pipes and the corrosion on the inner surface of the pipelines which all results in blockage. It works in the three-step inspection process.

Step 1: The experts identify an access point, and the camera is inserted and pushed along the pipe. If the pipe has a larger diameter, the camera is then mounted on a wheeled crawler unit and sent in to get the footage.

Step 2: The images and footage captured by the camera are displayed on the monitors, and the experts can identify the actual cause for the blockage, be it due to debris, or is it due to stone damage in the structure of the drain pipes.

Step 3: A detailed report is then prepared following the CCTV drain inspections, which lists out the location and cause of the blockage, eliminating any possibility of guesswork, waste, or time or money.

Advantages of Drainage Camera Inspections:

CCTV Drain Inspections

  • Accurate identification of the problem is the most significant benefit the CCTV drain inspections reveal. If the damage is caused due to pressure from the road and vehicles passing above the head or caused due to the cracks and damages due to drain collapse, it can be easily identified. Unidentified and untreated, this might have become a cause for sewerage leak and damage to the property, which can be efficiently averted.
  • As there is no guesswork involved here, time is not wasted in identifying and isolating the actual cause. Hence, corrective measures can be started promptly.
  • The exact identification of the problem helps in narrowing down the root cause. Thus, reducing unnecessary step by step troubleshooting, which eventually aids in a reduction in the bill. That way, drain camera inspections help in cost-cutting.
  • The approach is professional and trustworthy. As everything is seen clearly, any scope of mistrust and ambiguity can be easily avoided. So, what you see is what you get, and you pay for only what’s need attention. This builds up trust and develops professional competence.

Having identified the problem through CCTV drain inspections, fixing and planning the plumbing and sewer line system, proper resolution can be given. Be it repair, replacing, or further landscaping, the advice of the expert’s guides and aids you in the right direction.

So, for all-cause and purpose, CCTV drain inspections are a professional and efficient approach to all drainage and pipeline-related problems.

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