Changes That Can Increase The Value Of Your Home


One of the prime focus of the real estate industry is that value is added to the premise and then sold to a willing buyer. There are various ways of increasing the value of homes. Surprisingly some of the solutions are rather simple to do, and a very logical follow on an affair. If there were something so unpredictable about renovating homes, then it would be to read the mind of the potential customer each time.

Most people have rather rigid ideas when it comes to how their homes should look and feel like. The best renovators or those agents that are renovating houses for profit, tend to take a generalised approach that would appeal to most of the clients.

  1. Kitchen

Value Added Kitchen Design

No matter how large or how small the property happens to be, one of the key focus areas tends to be the kitchen most of the time. It thus makes good sense to apply an absolute focus to the kitchen as far as possible as it would be easy to do an area that would make a massive impact on the total value of the project.

A recent survey of potential first-time home buyers tends to put the kitchen as one of the main criteria to look at when purchasing homes. Surprisingly, it does not take much to have the kitchen done up. With a range of gadgets and implements that are meant to be used in the kitchens of today, it hardly comes as surprising that kitchens do not take a particular effort to be decked up at any time.

●      Countertops

It is possible to have some of the plushest looking countertops at very economical rates as well. Stainless-steel tops are the top of the range when it comes to the tops, but it is still possible to have a stainless-steel top done at an economical rate. All it takes is to find the right worker willing to do a job for the given price.

●      Floors

Kitchen floors are particularly fuzzy things to accomplish. Not only must they look good, but they must also be tough enough to take to any rough treatment as well. But the good part is that there is a range of flooring materials available in the market. It is thus possible to have the best kinds of floors done at the right price too.

  1. Reworking The Floor Plans

Reworking The Floor Plans

It is wrong to consider that floor plans are rigid and fixed in nature. On the contrary, contemporary structural engineers have been able to alter the look and feel to an old home like never before. It has to do with the latest thinking and techniques available to the designer, unlike in the past.

●      Flex rooms

Put in more simple terms, flex rooms are those areas which are meant for multipurpose use. For instance, the dining area can be used as an informal parlour when it is outside the meal timings, and so on. Similarly, it is possible to add a study or a guest room to a home without altering the basic makeup of the structure as far as possible.

●      Upstairs laundry

Most of the modern homes have a linen drying area that is at the top of the floor. It then makes good sense to have a laundry room that is situated on the upstairs of the homes most of the time. The fact is it takes just a bit of extra plumbing to do and the value added is tremendous. A right influential person during home purchases tends to the woman of the house, and small comforts that can cater to this set of clienteles often succeeds in selling a marked-up property.

  1. Economise On Energy Use

Economise On Energy Use

Older homes tend to be guzzlers of energy, be it for the cooking or for heating the rooms. There are some simple steps to conserve energy and to reduce the bills that are generated periodically.

●      Glazed windows

One of the most economical things to do is to add glazing to the windows and French windows as far as possible. The savings in power usage would be enough to pay for the extra cost incurred each time.

●      LED lighting

Light is a modern-day convenience that saves enormously on the value of energy used. At the same time, it can provide for some of the most innovative lighting solutions possible too. A quick hunt for the latest LED lighting fixtures would surprise the shopper as to the variety and range on offer to the customer.


It would be evident from the above that it does not cost much to have a home given a facelift and more than money, what counts is always the ability to think innovatively. Those agents that specialise in flipping homes tend to understand what is required of space in a quick time and must be put to good use too each time.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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