Cheap DIY Methods for Bathroom And Kitchen Makeover


In the last decade, there has been lots of improvement in home accessories and structures. Improved appliances, better interior designs, and fixtures are the thing of the moment.

Indeed, the basic architecture of homes (both old and new) might look the same. Still, interior elements are what differentiates a modern home from an old house, especially the kitchen and bathroom areas.

To stand a chance of ever getting your home sold, and have a meaningful ROI, you need to find a way to renovate your bathroom and kitchen. This is because most homebuyers think that a home without a decent kitchen and bathroom structure doesn’t have much resale value if any.

DIY Kitchen Makeover

Now here is the thing. While you need to invest some funds in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom for easy sales, splurging large amounts of cash might not be the best option, because you stand a risk of not making enough to cover your expenses.

A report by the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact claims that on a full bathroom remodel, only 50% of the investment can be recouped. In comparison, kitchen renovations can bring in about 62% ROI at best. Not still a great investment now, is it? To worsen matters, the bathroom and kitchen re-fix cost up to $20,000 for spaces as small as 200sq.ft. Little wonder research shows only 19% of homeowners toe the full remodel path.

That 19 % know that it is important to find a realtor who knows several hacks than can lead to a drastically reduced investment/expenses on bathroom and kitchen makeover, thereby increasing chancing of selling the house with a reasonable ROI. On platforms like UpNest, you can compare agents until you find one that keys into your needs.

Here are a couple of DIY tricks for bathroom and kitchen makeover, especially if you are on a small budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

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Replace Outdated Hardware

Do your kitchen cupboards have broken hinges? Does your kitchen require a new door or new drawer pulls? Hiring a technician to do the job might cost less than $200. Or if you’re in the mood to get sweaty, grab a screwdriver and some energy drink.

Your kitchen cabinetry pulls are cheap and easy to replace. What you must do is measure the handles you want to replace and take them to the nearest store or go to the shop with a sample of one of the pulls.

Also, before replacement, think about a pull that can be more appealing (especially to the potential buyer) than the one you have now and go for it. All in all, make sure your pick doesn’t contrast with the home style.

Faucets Should Be the Most Important

The condition of the faucets tells the home buyer a lot in one glance. A poorly laid faucet would only mean it’s either outdated or ill-maintained.

The great news is that faucets can be upgraded for as low as $80 for the bathroom and about $50 for the kitchen. Once you replace the bath heads and tub drain in a way to match the new faucet, you’re good to go. Only the installation might be expensive. With as little as $250, a plumber can run a faucet installation, but that would be the cost of just one. It implies that you employ your DIY skills in faucet installation or let a professional install both (bathroom and kitchen) at once.

Know When to Avoid Heavy Projects

After revamping the faucets and re-facing the kitchen cabinetry, it may become obvious that your house has aged. Things like flooring, countertops, or vanity may become odd-looking in the face of new hardware and faucets. Changing them can be a blast on your budget.

However, it is worth noting that the minor revamping you do is to make your soon-to-be-sold home appealing to takers as you won’t be staying there for long. The only time that you can attempt to change big projects like worn floors is if the property is a high-end house. Even at that, it is advisable not to go for the most expensive replacements, especially for appliances as you might not get your money back.

Don’t go spending money unwisely. Find a realtor who will guide you on what buyers want, so that you can spend little to garner more offers.

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