Cheap Things That Can Make Your Home Look Expensive


For you to have a home that you are proud of you must not break your bank account to acquire those expensive things you see in other people’s homes. No. You can buy cheap things and use several tricks to make them look expensive. For example, colours and shape make things look classic even when they are not costly.

You only need to be creative when it comes to buying cheap things. This is what I mean. Instead of having a plain painted wall, get some mirrors, shape them to give them a unique look then fix them on the wall.

Instead of buying curtains whose value is too high simply because of the material, buy the ordinary material with a variety of colours matching your furniture. Do you see it? It is a matter of being tricky and coming up with ideas to make your home look expensive. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Lamps And Lights

Lamps And Lights

Now, when it comes to your home, the living room is where your guests are most likely to spend their visit time in. Again, that’s where you also spend most of your lazy afternoons. Right?

With just a few tricks on your lights, you could end up with one expensive looking home. For example, using different colours of light, you create a layered lighting concept. Not only that, but it also comes additional beauty.

On the other hand, instead of the traditional table lamp, consider hanging pendant lamps. The results? You attain an impression of a luxurious home.

  1. Use Mirrors To Cover For Small Space

Use Mirrors To Cover For Small Space

Mirrors are not condemned to be in the bathrooms. Neither are they only for interior decoration; they are great in creating an illusion of brighter and ample space especially if your home is smaller than our liking. Not only that, for those guest who loves admiring every few minutes, they will love and adore your house.

They are not as expensive as the effect they bring about. After all, one or two mirrors in a room can bring in the beauty you desire. Plus, they come in different designs and sizes. The familiar blog has a variety of mirrors with various designs; you could also consider having a look at each of them.

  1. Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

This is one of the cheapest yet often overlooked when it comes to adding an expensive impression in homes. Do you know using throw pillows of different colours can make them look expensive and fancy? Well, that’s a secret that many do not know. So, be sure to use throw pillows in different colours.

Also, use several pillows of different sizes and arrange them professionally.

  1. Customised Curtains

Customised Curtains

How you clad your windows can be an instant sign of lux. Your curtain needs to stand out and show a class of your choice.

Curtains that hit the floor or almost there looks more attractive than shorter ones. Also, curtains that have a wider width look beautiful because they form curves other than being straight.

You can also consider having a hanging rod that is about six inches above the window. This creates an illusion of tall walls. Also, try to have about three inches beyond the width of the window.

  1. Paint Well And Communicate

Paint Well And Communicate

Colour is a universal language that even kids understand. You can use colour to set moods and send the intended message without speaking a word.

Light colours make rooms look larger and brighter. Bright colours make the atmosphere lively while dark shades seem to slow things down. Painting is not just getting paint on the wall. If chosen well, colour makes a home feel luxurious and lively to you and your guest.


As discussed above, you don’t need to spend all your life’s savings on your home to make it look expensive. It’s a matter of knowing how to use what is available to your benefit. Even with costly materials, a home may look miserable if you poorly utilise the materials.

The good thing is that with most of these items, you don’t need to be a professional to do the task. You can work on one part at a time during your free time and have a fabulous home.

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