Chic Living Room Ideas To Achieve A Modern Look

On August 23, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

We always hear the word ‘chic’ these days, but some of us are not entirely sure what the word entails. Context clues will tell us that it means a unique style with a touch of elegance. For this reason, lots of clothing brands have released elegant looking apparels that are perfect as a casual, daytime set or a modish, nighttime attire.

Chic has also seeped into interior designing. We do not just want functional areas in our house, but we also want a space that looks sophisticated and unique. This means carefully picking out the living room furniture, textures, and colours that will give our living room a personality of its own.

If this is your first living room project, you should know that a chic design is all about combining congruent styles for a room to perfectly stand out.

Splash Of Colour

Contemporary Living Room Design

The trend is to use minimalist colours like off-white, cream, and grey. But too much of this might make your living room look boring instead of making it pop. Do not be afraid to add a splash of colour to the room to give it more life.

Use the off-white colour as your base, and then add two or three shades of your chosen primary colour. You can also choose neon colours, but try to limit it to three different colours like neon yellow, green, and blue.

Choose Accessories With Intricate Details

Living Room Texture

This is to give your living room texture so that it does not look flat. You can do this by choosing crochet or linen fabrics, distressed wood, or brushstroke designs.

For a more robust design, you can pair upholstery with the distressed wood. Then choose a wallpaper with a soft blue-grey brushstroke design. Pick vases and other trinkets which do not match but complement each other in their difference. This will give your room an artisan vibe.

Go For Vintage

Vintage Chic Living Room

Another trend you can jump into is the vintage-chic look. For this, you can choose pastel colours like mint green, powder blue, or lemon yellow matched with an off-white backdrop. You can use patterns like floral and polka dots to give it that extra nostalgic tone. So you can contrast the colours and clashing patterns, you can choose a simple woven rug.

Consider Sticking To A Classic Palette

Classic Living Room

If you are hesitant to match patterns and colours, you can always start your living room redesign project with just the country home palette. This involves sticking to colours like cream and beige. So you can enhance the rural look, you can add materials made with oak and linen, incorporate subtle stripes, then finish it off with an aged-effect laminate.

Remember that chic is stylishness that is given a touch of elegance. You do not need to change up the whole living room just to give it the modern, sophisticated look. What is important is to incorporate your own unique style when decorating your living room.

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