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Wind chimes helps in ushering positive energy at home. Wind chimes are considered as bringer of positivity at home and keep the negativity out as per the Feng shui. The wind chime has been used as decorative thing in many homes. As per the Feng shui wind chime must be installed at balcony or in window or place where the wind blows in home.

Beautiful Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are very soothing to ears and are able to instantly lift our spirit. The wind chimes are available in many décor shops and especially in shops where you can get décor for kids’ room and shops where you get to buy gifts and accessories. The wind chimes are available in so many materials i.e. in meals, ceramic, wooden, glass, crystals etc.

Wooden Wind Chimes

The wind chimes can be used for suppressing the bad energy in home. The wind chime also is effective in bringing the good luck to people. It is said more the number of rods more will it bring kind of luck. Ideally it is advisable to have four, six, then seven, or eight or eighteen rods which are able to attract luck.

Chinese Wind Chimes

The rods of the wind chime are made hollow. This is because it allows the wind to flow through it. This is because wind following through it allows the energy ‘chi’ to flow through it. The wind chimes are believed to have healing effect to the mind and body. The wind chimes are able to emit resonance and emit vibrations of the sound is able to relieve the body from stress and release the emotional blockages in body. It is able to calm the mind. It is said you will be able to expand conscious awareness and connect with spirit. It is advisable to have the wind chime in meditation room and kids’ room. This is due to positive sounds of wind chimes which will promote relaxation, will be able to reduce anger and calm down tension.

Metallic Windchimes

But the wind chime must not be hanged above or directly over working space, eating, sitting or sleeping because this will suppress energy flow.

Wind chimes are able to bring in sense of peace and well-being.

Hang wind chimes for peace, good luck, positivity and for amazing décor in your home.

Beautiful Wind Chime

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  1. I agree that wind chimes are very soothing and can be good for your spirits. It’s important to consider how these wind chimes can help establish a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere at home. I think it’s nice to have decorations that provide some extra kind of comfort such as wind chimes can do.

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