Choose A High-Quality Material For Your Patio Furniture


Luxury Patio Furniture

The weather gets warm sometimes, and you may prefer to stay outdoors with your family and friends. When it gets cold, you should add a fire pit to warm things up. A piece of good patio furniture should be sturdy, stylish, and withstand all four seasons. The options to choose from are many. Ensure it fits your budget. Luxury patio furniture is available in many textures, styles, colors and allows you to customize the look that you desire.

The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture

When looking for the best outdoor furniture, you assess the style, durability, comfort, and most importantly, if it is weatherproof. It is essential to know the strength and weaknesses of the materials used to make patio furniture.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Material

Sun And Temperature

You need a material that can withstand damage due to harsh UV rays and fluctuations from extreme temperatures.

Rain And Moisture

Get furniture that is resistant to rainstorms or high humidity. Standing water causes degradation of the material used, leading to health risks.

Corrosion And Rust

When metals are continuously exposed to oxygen and water, they are susceptible to corrosion. The corrosive oxidation process weakens the metals leading to visible rust. Rusting is common in the coastal regions since the salt in the air and water accelerates the process.


When water penetrates a material, it dries unevenly, changing its original shape. This may misalign the seams, distort the material and loosen the screws and other fasteners.


Drastic fluctuations and extreme temperatures may cause the material to split, crack, warp or become brittle. Dry air can cause the bending and cracking of furniture.

Heat Retention

When the patio furniture stays in the sun for too long, it can heat up hence unsafe to touch.


It should be heavy to prevent the furniture from falling or getting blown away.


Good patio furniture should be able to:

  • Withstand the exposure from extreme weather conditions.
  • Withstand exposure from the different elements.
  • Withstand frequent usage with minimum wear and tear.

Eco Friendly

The raw materials used in furniture production should be recyclable, biodegradable, and certified by eco-friendly organizations.

Ease Of Cleaning

Taking care of your furniture enhances the aesthetic and functional durability. Some materials are easy to clean and require little attention. Other materials require more time to clean and special products to work well.


Stay within the budget but understand the price versus the benefit. Consider if the material will require frequent replacements or if it is high maintenance.

Furniture Materials


This is very durable and strong compared to other materials. Metal chairs and tables are less susceptible to breakdown because they can be designed without screws, bolts, and other fasteners.


Metal heats up in the sun, making it unsafe to touch.

Types Of Metals

  1. Aluminum
  2. Stainless steel.
  3. Wrought iron.


It is beautiful, easy to work with, and has a sturdy framework. Softwoods could be less expensive but not perfect for outdoor furniture. Hardwood is weather-resistant and lasts for decades if treated well. However, it is expensive and difficult to shape.

Types of wood.

  1. Eucalyptus
  2. White oak.
  3. Teak

Plastic And Resin

They are affordable, lightweight, and can be molded into any shape or style. It is pre-colored, therefore fade-resistant, and does not require sealants or paints. Maintenance and cleaning are easy.

Types Of Plastic And Resin

  1. Recycled plastic.
  2. Synthetic resin.


During hot weather conditions, most people prefer to spend their time outdoors with their families and friends. The material used to make the patio furniture should be strong, durable, and weather-resistant. There are certain factors like rust, sun, wind, cost, and durability that you should consider if you want to buy the best furniture for your patio. Metal, wood, and plastic are the most common materials used to make patio furniture.

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