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BBQ Smokers

A smoker is an excellent investment since it opens up a new world of culinary exploration and experimentation with incredible results. However, it could be challenging to enter the world of BBQ. It’s essential to think carefully about what kind of smoker to purchase initially. Given the wide variety, the array makes it easy to get discouraged from smoking entirely.

Read below to understand the different varieties of smokers.

Off Set Smokers

Offset smokers form in a way that makes it clear that they were built from discarded oil drums. Since they are big, heavy, and can hold enough smoked food beautifully to fill a whole city block, most pitmasters put it on their bucket list to own one of these atrocities.

The Electric Smoker

An open flame is not used for the generation of smoke in an electric smoker. Instead, a mixture of a heating element, water, and wood chips is employed to create smoke. As there is a lack of combustion, the smoke is entirely different from the smoke of the live fire.

The Gas Smoker

The gas results in uniform cooking temperatures in gas smokers, but these grills do not generate smoke. To include smoke, you need to add wood as chunks or chips. If the cooking duration is planned for a longer time, a single tank may get emptied earlier. So, it is advisable to have several tanks of propane.

A Pellet Grill

A pellet grill or a pellet smoker is controlled by a thermostat similar to a kitchen oven. You need to plug it in and set the temperature to use this grill. Then, the smoker automatically feeds compressed sawdust pellets to the fire pot. Here, combustion takes place, and heat and smoke are generated. This variety of grills is simple to use. As there is the usage of advanced technology, they differ from other grills because they can get broken.

The Charcoal Smoker

Charcoal smokers are inclusive of grills such as drum smokers (Pit Barrel cookers), ceramic kamado ovens, and bullet smokers (Stainless Steel Weber Smokey Mountain). You have to light the coals and then adjust the temperature with inbuilt dampers that handle the airflow. The charcoal emits most of the smoke, but you can insert some wood chips and chunks to have extra flavor. This wood does not undergo combustion, but it smolders. So, this smoke is less clean and flavorful than a stick burner’s smoke.

The Stick Burner

Stick burners depend completely on wood as their fuel source. While the cooking is in progress, they demand near-continuous attention. You have to witness a steep learning curve to work with this smoker. Some offset smokers of high quality are very costly. Those inexpensive ones have leaks and cannot retain heat efficiently, but you can use them with some modifications.

BBQ Outfitters has several grills and smokers, such as pellet grills, ceramic grills, gas grills, charcoal grills and smokers, and electric grills and smokers. Here, you can shop the top-brand name grills in the United States.

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