Choose The Perfect Titles And Designs For Your Bathroom


When it comes to design a new house or renovating the existing one, then choosing the best tiles and design for the bathroom is one of the important things that comes to mind. Though there are different types of tiles present in the market nearly in every color, size, shape, and style.

But how we can design them in a perfect structure matters a lot. So, here are some tips for choosing perfect tiles and design for your bathroom in Singapore. Follow the tips and get the best tiles for the bathroom in Singapore.

Glass Tile

Glass Tiles

The glass is one of the most popular choices that everyone likes as it comes in every color, style, and reflects light. These tiles can give a classy royal look to your bathroom.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are one of the best options for designing a bathroom as the tiles are durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant. These types of tiles are easy to install, clean, and also resistant to bacteria. But if you’re using it on the floor, then it may not be the best choice as it does not slip-resistant. So, go and get the best tiles for the bathroom in Singapore now.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are also one of the most popular bathroom tiles. Porcelain tiles can give an elegant touch to your bathroom and good in quality.

Stone (Limestone, Slate, etc.)


This type of tiles can be used to get some more texture, but it needs more maintenance than the other tiles.

Select Design for the Bathroom

Bathroom Design

Now, after researching the different types of materials, the tricky part comes into play that how you can use these materials and make a perfect masterpiece that makes your bathroom beautiful and attractive. So for designing the bathroom, we have also discussed the essential points that one should be kept in mind.

When it comes to designing the bathroom, then don’t forget the rules of threes. According to this rule, don’t use more than three tiles in your bathroom. So, you can consider that one most crucial tile for walls, one tile for the floor, and the final one as a feature.

Choosing the color of tiles for the bathroom is one of the challenging parts of a renovation. It is preferable to select a light color for your bathroom as it makes space feel bigger.

Choose Accurate Size – We might have noticed that whenever we go to the luxurious showroom, then we see different sizes of tiles that range from inch by inch to feet by feet. So putting those tiles on that surface is one of the hardest things as it requires accurate size. So make sure to choose the precise size of tiles that will continuously make the surface.

Choose Neutral Floor and Ceiling – Many people use neutral tiles on the floor and ceiling as it is an eye-catching color and works as a subtle base.

So these are the perfect tiles and designs which can be used for designing a bathroom. You can purchase these fantastic tiles for a bathroom at reasonable rates.

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