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Eclectic Bedroom

What makes a perfect bedroom? Arguably you could just say anywhere that gives you a good nights sleep, but most of us do a lot more in there than just sleep. It’s our private space, our oasis from the rest of the world, and if you’re single, it’s a room that truly reflects your personal style, but if you’re married, it might reflect your spouse’s personal style. Unlike other rooms in the average home, it’s not a place that you have to share, so nobody can argue about what colors to paint the walls and whether you want to cover a wall with 1980’s movie posters. Naturally, the furniture you choose is probably the most important aspect of bedroom design, so you need to choose wisely, and you might not want to choose a magnetic sleeping bed- unless you’re a huge fan of sci-fi movies. Since it will be going into your private space and you’ll be living with it for some years, what do you need to think about when choosing bedroom furniture?

Before You Begin:

Bedroom Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to be starting from scratch or even replacing your old bedroom furniture, it’s a great idea to use the chance to give your bedroom a good spring clean. Go through your clothes and personal possessions, and you’re sure to be able to make a huge pile of stuff you simply don’t need. You can give it to friends and family, give it to a charity store, and even sell it online or at a flea market. It certainly goes a long way towards solving any storage space issues you might be facing.

Sleeping Soundly:

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

It’s certainly possible to find a bargain when it comes to outfitting your bedroom, but one thing you don’t want to cut corners with is your mattress. A good quality mattress is a key to a good night’s sleep, and it can be a great idea to go out and test various firmness factors by laying down on the display beds… after you ask the salesperson if it’s OK. If you’re on a budget, you might want to buy the mattress first and buy the base at a later stage. Don’t leave the mattress on the floor without a base for too long since a mattress on the floor has a tendency to encourage mold.

Building A Bed:

Matching Bedroom Sets

A bed base might not seem like the most exciting thing to buy, but it should be a pretty big deal. It completes the look of the bed and can easily change the overall look of the room. If you’re stuck for space, you might want to try a raised bed base with room for a lot of storage underneath. When you’re considering bed bases, think about how it will look with the rest of the room- your color scheme might not look great with a brass four-poster bed.

Building A Look:

Brass Bed Ideas

Your bed base is the centerpiece of the room, and all other furniture should complement it. This doesn’t have to mean that your nightstand, closet, and dresser need to be an exact match, but they all should look good together- and whether they do or not comes down to if you like the mixture. Retailers can often suggest items that might make for an interesting combination, and fortunately, most of them come as handy ready-to-assemble furniture.

At the end of the day, it’s your room, so you need to choose a look that works for you, even if it’s a brass bed, thin mattress, and walls covered in old posters. You might even want to save up for one of those magnetic floating beds…

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  1. Stumbled upon this article somehow and feeling so blessed i did, sending these over to my wife a we are redoing the bedrooms, great ideas and just what i wanted! Thanks a ton !! Bookmarked!!

  2. even if it’s a brass bed, thin mattress and walls covered in old posters. You might even want to save up for one of those magnetic floating beds…


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