Choosing Blackbutt Decking Timber Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Deck


Blackbutt timber is a commonly found hardwood variant in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. Blackbutt also goes by the name of Eucalyptus pilularis and is a favourite among people from this region for various woodwork jobs for a variety of reasons.

As blackbutt timber is grown easily and quickly, it is a cost-effective option for various outdoor and indoor projects that include fencing, decking and landscaping. It is also employed in making plywood. It comes inconsistent colours ranging from hues of honey to browns and even pale pinks. Aside from all this characteristic of blackbutt timber, some factors would make you believe that blackbutt decking timber is the best amongst various decking timber options. Here’s why.

BlackButt Deck Cleaning

  • Blackbutt timber is a strong, sturdy and durable timber variant. This quality makes it an ideal outdoor decking timber. It is also highly resistant to any form of decay, insect infestation. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Being highly fire resistant, blackbutt is ideal for creating fences, decks and sheds in forest areas that are prone to fire breakouts. Your blackbutt timber deck will face little damage as a result of any potential fire situation.
  • Blackbutt decking timber allows easy application of paint, colouring & staining agents and adhesives, giving you the option and freedom of designing your deck as per your needs.
  • While you may not mind renovating your interiors in a minor way every decade or so, you do not want to be shelling out dollars to recreate your outer spaces like decks, sheds and fences often. With its lifespan lasting for at least 30-40 years if maintained well, blackbutt decking timber will last you well.
  • The colour of blackbutt decking timber ranges from honey to dark browns and occasional soft pinks. These colours are pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain and hold good camouflaging capabilities in the event of accumulated debris or dust. These factors make it the best option to create decks.
  • The texture of blackbutt timber is perfect for decking jobs. With an even, slightly grainy texture, it makes for complete outdoor woodwork; the grainy texture often interlocks to give your blackbutt decking timber a stronghold.
  • Blackbutt responds to machines and hand tools well and is easy to be reshaped and cut. Even for a DIY decking job, blackbutt can also complement your hand tools well.
  • Blackbutt is an absolute winner when it comes to varying weather conditions, something that is experienced in Australia.

BlackButt Decking Timber

When you set up your deck with blackbutt timber, make sure to run a simple maintenance exercise on an annual basis. All you will have to do is wash down the entire deck and run an oiling procedure. Many deck owners do not bother to run this maintenance cycle every year, waiting until their deck looked tattered and worn out to do the job. This may damage the wood and never bring back the lost sheen and lustre.

Various agencies supply you with superior quality blackbutt decking timber at reasonable prices. Engage yourself with a few suppliers only, to compare and choose the best deal. Go with someone who has a reputation for providing superior quality wood, because it is not always convenient for you to create decks every day.

And lastly, after all the effort that goes behind creating your blackbutt deck, don’t forget to put your feet outside and enjoy the breezy, fresh and open environment that your deck will offer you.

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