Choosing the Right Plumber: 5 Critical Factors


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Choosing the right plumber can be the difference between a successful plumbing project and a potentially expensive disaster. By following this advice, you can tilt the odds in your favor of finding the best plumber for the job.

Below we list some specific items to look out for when finding a local plumbing contractor, but before we get into it, here are some items to always follow no matter what:

  • Only deal with licensed plumbers, even if your area doesn’t require it by law
  • Look for plumbers who can provide proof of insurance
  • Experience is key. Look for somebody that has been in the plumbing industry for 10+ years and, more importantly, has experience fixing the plumbing issue you are hiring for
  • Beware the plumber that refuses to provide an estimate – most plumbing contractors will provide a detailed breakdown of expected costs. If you run into one that does not do this, that should be a red flag.
  • All work should be guaranteed.
  • Any plumbing professional should be able to provide you with a list of happy customers – don’t forget to check reviews on Google, Yelp, etc.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s dig into 5 specific questions you should be asking in order to choose the right plumber for your unique situation.

  1. What Is The Total Estimated Cost Of Fixing Your Plumbing Project?

Homeowners should be cautious, if not downright suspicious, about quotes given without seeing the situation in person – a plumber that throws a quote out over the phone exposes you to the risk of cost overruns. Professional plumbers will usually want to see your piping and analyze exactly what the issue is before providing a price. The best plumbers will also include the costs of materials, whether it’s new sinks, toilets, or materials to complete the job, along with their labor costs.

  1. Find Out Who Will Be Doing The Work?

We mentioned earlier the importance of finding an experienced plumber. You’d be surprised how many plumbing companies outsource their work to subcontractors. While this can be a perfectly legitimate way of doing business, who the actual individual plumber is that is actually doing the work is important. I don’t want my hot water tank replacement to be the first one you’ve done.

  1. What Level Of Licensing Do You Have?

Some jurisdictions require different types of licensing for different types of work. For instance, plumbing and gas-fitting can both be done by the same individual plumber. Still, not all plumbers are actually licensed to do both types of work – in other words, do your homework on what kind of licensing is required in your area and ensure your plumbing contractor is adequately covered.

  1. Are You Bonded And Insured?

The only acceptable answer to this question is “Yes,” and don’t just take their word for it – ask for proof. If you receive any pushback, just explain that you are concerned about liability for any accidents that could occur in your home, and you want to ensure you’re protected. Any plumber that is doing things the right way will not have a problem with this question.

  1. How Are You Billing, Hourly, Or Fixed Rate?

This is where you clarify the original estimate you received. We’ve saved this one for last as it’s likely the most common source of pain for homeowners and where unscrupulous plumbers will typically try to take advantage. If the plumber tells you their rate is hourly, ask them how long they typically take to fix this type of plumbing problem. The more experience your plumber has to draw on, the better and more accurate their estimation will be.

Now You’re Ready To Hire A Plumber!

Follow these suggestions, and you’ll be in a great position to hire the best plumber possible. If you’re in Langley, BC, call the best Langley plumbers and learn more about their plumbing services.

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  1. Great advice on how you should find a reputable and efficient plumber when it comes to your toilet issues. Having someone who’s insured and can help you understand what they’re trying to do on your faulty fixture is a good idea. I’ll keep this in mind since I do plan to live alone in the future.


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