Choosing The Right Roses To Buy In Bulk


Classic Roses

The flower industry is actively developing, so today’s floral market is full of offers. Even when you think you can outwit the system and choose the classic roses, you still fall into the trap because there are too many kinds of bulk roses.

So, to make the right choice when buying roses in bulk wholesale, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Budget

Due to the great variety of wholesale roses on the market, there are options suitable for any budget. To save money, you can combine several types of roses — more expensive with more affordable.

  • Color Spectrum

Take into account the event color palette when choosing bulk flowers. Do not be afraid to experiment with shades. There are always a lot of shades of classic red or pink roses.

  • Atmosphere

Flower decorations always influence the event’s vibe, so it is necessary to choose the most suitable option. Consider not only the color of bulk roses but their shape, length, and texture. For example, if you are looking for something casual and uncomplicated for a Provence-style wedding, garden roses that are moderately sloppy and lush would be a perfect choice.

  • Flower Meaning

This is an optional factor to consider. However, it is an exciting idea to surprise all guests with messages in the language of flowers. For instance, to celebrate love, choose red roses, and love at first sight — lavender roses.

Where To Buy Roses In Bulk

Flower Decorations

Of course, when choosing bulk roses, it is important to cooperate with a reliable floral company. FiftyFlowers is the best solution if you want to decorate your event with roses of the highest quality, delivered directly from the farm. Besides the high-class quality of products, FiftyFlowers offers a great range of roses, including Roses Garden, Peony, Petals Freeze, Spray, Sweetheart, etc.

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