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On March 13, 2013 by Mamta

Beautiful Toilet Design Idea

Home décor magazines and blog will display advertisements of branded toilet companies but not give information as how you can choose the right toilet for your bathroom which is essential as anything else in home such as television, sofa and things. The toilet has its importance which I know I don’t need to elaborate on it. Here are some tips on choosing the best toilet.

Nowadays, along with other fixtures toilets are also given a lot of importance through bathroom renovation. So they aren’t simply a corner part in the bathroom where you are simply concerned with your visit but instead pressed to serve efficient functions as well as pleasing appearance.

Metallic Toilet SeatThere is a wide variety of toilets available hence it is necessary to remember certain aspects while selecting a toilet that matches well in your bathroom, also most importantly gives you a pretty efficient service. The factors to consider are size, design, features as well as height. However people look at the appearance of the toilet first.

Toilets often come in one or two piece unit. One piece is without any seam in between the bowl and the tank this enables easy cleaning. Then there is a single-double flush system, which has dual flush, it is much more efficient for it utilizes only the required amount of water; hence saving water.

You can also choose traditionally designed toilets. They offer simple look and come in a ceramic material however today they are available in heavy metals also.

The shape is an important aspect too. You can choose a round or an elongated one. The round bowl saves good space for small bathrooms. While the elongated bowl is egg shaped also it is more comfortable as compared to the round one for it holds much more area for your comfort.

Toilet Design Ideas

However it’s a fashion of creating the traditional style in modern bathrooms. People choose freestanding baths, art deco taps, and classical colors and units of wooden vanity to give the traditional appeal. A traditional looking toilet with a wooden seat adds to the period setting in the modern bathrooms beautifully.

The height of the toilet is another concern. Usually toilets are 14 to 15 inches nowadays even 18 inches high are available. So considering your comfort and convenience select your right toilet. Then comes the space part, if you have a small bathroom, you should go for wall-hung or else corner toilets are also good as they save space.

Hence, remember every aspect while buying a toilet. Always take to research and get hold of great deals and amazing products.

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