Choosing Your Paint Colors: More Than What Meets The Eye


Color Paint For Painting

Painting a room is one of the most popular ways to give your room a fresh and new look without breaking the bank. And for a good reason, it’s a quick and relatively easy process that you can even do on your own. Just watch a few YouTube videos directing you exactly how to do it, and you will soon be able to paint like a pro!

More Than Just Aesthetics:

The color of your walls does a lot more than making a room pleasing to the eye. It creates a feeling, and sets the tone for the mood in the room-which will in turn effect your mood! Research shows that colors give off certain vibes, which will bring out certain emotions. Color is a very powerful communication tool. There are even certain colors that are associated with increased blood pressure, increase metabolism and eyestrain. It’s interesting to note that hospital walls are generally painted in white, light greens and blues since they give off a sense of cleanliness (white), tranquility (green), and trustworthiness (blue), which are feelings that anyone visiting a hospital would want to experience. On a side note, the color of the scrubs the nurses wear are often in blue and green for the same reason. So, do your research and choose your colors wisely!

Choosing The Color:

There are an endless amount of colors to choose from, literally from one end of the rainbow to the other. Do you like bright and sunny? Go with a sunny yellow which will recreate a feeling of artificial light, making it an excellent option for a room with tiny windows or minimal natural light. Prefer an elegant, posh look? Try a contrast color combo of cream and red, or for a bold, fun look go with a vibrant blue and yellow. Although you may love a particular color, make sure it goes with your current furniture; you don’t want any color clashes, which will ruin the whole look of your room.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your paint colors is the fact that certain colors can give the room a larger, or smaller feel. Light and bright walls will maximize the effect created by natural light, making your space feel large and airy. *Decorators tip-adding a mirror will also your room a more open and larger feel. On the other hand, dark colors will make the room feel smaller, something you may want to stay away from if your space isn’t too large. If your room is very large and gives off a cold feeling, you may want to go with darker walls to create a cozier effect.

Go ahead, have fun while choosing your paint colors and bring your room to a whole new level for you to enjoy.

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